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22/01/2024  Grandma's Savoury Pudding recipe

27/09/2023  How to Make Comfrey Tea Liquid Fertiliser

29/07/2023  How to Save Your Own Shallot Sets

27/07/2023  How to Save Your Own Seed Potatoes

14/07/2023  How to Make Nettle Tea Liquid Fertiliser

03/05/2023  How to make Post Caps from empty aluminium drinks cans

01/02/2023  Making a Self-Watering Seed Propagator from recycled plastic food tubs.

23/01/2023  How to connect a hosepipe to an IBC tank

13/01/2023  Making a Seed-Chitting Tray from an empty plastic tub.

10/01/2023  How to Split Clumps of Rhubarb

02/01/2023  Making a Dibber / Compost Press from recycled rubbish

30/12/2022  Making a Multi-hole Sowing Template

14/12/2022  Fruit or Vegetables?

28/11/2022  Making Compost from Autumn Leaves

27/11/2022  How to Make Pallet Compost Bays

19/11/2022  Making a Bulb Planter from reclaimed materials

18/11/2022  How to Get a Greenhouse Winter-Ready

13/06/2022  Tickhill Church of St Mary, Tickhill St Leonard's Hospital, Tickhill Castle #1, Tickhill Castle #2, Roche Abbey

01/06/2022  How To Grow Leeks

18/03/2022  How to plant Gladiolus Cormlets

12/02/2022  How to Grow Shallots

25/01/2022  How to make a Removable Cloche Cover

06/01/2022  How To Grow Spring Onions

21/12/2021  How to do a Germination Test with old seeds.

20/12/2021  How to make a Seed Sower from an empty plastic milk bottle.

04/12/2021  A printable Garden Planner with symbols to help design a garden or allotment layout.

03/12/2021  How to make a Compost Scoop from an empty detergent bottle.

01/12/2021  How to make Hinged Cloches to fit raised beds.

30/11/2021  How to make and install Raised Beds.

29/11/2021  How to make a Long-Reach Fruit Picker from a plastic bottle and a broom handle.

28/11/2021  Making Plant Pot Feet to improve drainage.

26/11/2021  How to make Watering Funnels from empty plastic bottles.

24/11/2021  How to make a Windmill from empty plastic bottles.

20/11/2021  How to make a Twine Dispenser from an empty plastic bottle.

18/11/2021  How to make a Plant Label Holder / Greenhouse Desk Tidy from empty plastic bottles.

17/11/2021  How to make Spray Nozzles for a controllable way to water seeds and seedlings.

16/11/2021  How to make reusable Slug Traps from empty Volvic bottles.

12/11/2021  How to make Raised Planters for use in a greenhouse with a concrete or paved floor, or on a patio.

11/11/2021  How To Grow Sweet Peppers from sowing to harvest and storage

09/11/2021  How To Grow Chillies from sowing to harvest and storage

02/11/2021  How to Grow Beetroot from sowing to harvest and storage

26/10/2021  How to lift and store gladioli for winter

14/10/2021  How to grow potatoes

12/10/2021  How to make a Garlic Wash to deter slugs and snails

06/10/2021  Pop Bottle Plant Protectors

01/09/2021  Growing Onions for Seed - Start to Finish

21/08/2021  Tomato, Carrot and Pepper Soup recipe

18/08/2021  Linlithgow Church

13/08/2021  Leuchars Castle, Melville Castle

07/08/2021  Lauriston Castle

03/08/2021  Inveravon Tower

30/07/2021  Kinneil House #2

29/07/2021  Elphinstone Tower

28/07/2021  Edinburgh City Walls

26/07/2021  How to save peas to provide next year's seed

25/07/2021  How to take cuttings from mint

23/07/2021  Earlshall Castle

21/07/2021  Doune Castle #1, Doune Castle #2

20/07/2021  Dowhill Castle

16/07/2021  Dalkeith Castle

13/07/2021  General Monck's Battery

12/07/2021  Four Fruits Jam Recipe

06/07/2021  Dalhousie Castle

29/06/2021  Dairsie Castle

25/06/2021  Cruivie Castle

22/06/2021  Croft an Righ House

15/06/2021  Cramond Tower

11/06/2021  Cleish Castle, Collairnie Castle

08/06/2021  Claypotts Castle

04/06/2021  Castlehill Motte

02/06/2021  Carriber Castle

21/05/2021  Carden Tower

20/05/2021  Carberry Tower

18/05/2021  Callendar House

15/05/2021  Bandon Tower

12/05/2021  Balmule Tower House

11/05/2021  Balfarg Henge

08/05/2021  Abercrombie Church

05/05/2021  Balcaskie House

03/05/2021  Aberdour Castle 2

01/05/2021  Arbroath Abbey 2

30/04/2021  Arbroath Abbey 1

29/04/2021  Antonine Wall: Callendar House

28/04/2021  Aldie Castle

27/04/2021  Airth Castle

30/03/2021  Growing Potatoes in Shopping Bags

24/03/2021  How to make and use Sowing Templates for Half-trays

03/02/2021  How to make a Greenhouse Heater from Terracotta Plant Pots

30/01/2021  How to make Adjustable Plant Supports from milk bottle caps and kebab skewers

21/01/2021  Links to adjacent counties added to all the Irish maps

20/01/2021  Maps added: County Antrim, County Armagh, County Cavan, County Down, County Fermanagh, County Londonderry, County Monaghan, County Tyrone

18/01/2021  Maps added: County Dublin, County Leitrim, County Longford, County Louth, County Meath, County Offaly, County Roscommon, County Westmeath

16/01/2021  Maps added: County Carlow, County Kildare, County Kilkenny, County Laois, County Tipperary, County Waterford, County Wexford, County Wicklow

15/01/2021  Maps added: Ireland RegionsCounty Clare, County Cork, County Donegal, County Galway, County Kerry, County Limerick, County Mayo, County Sligo


21/12/2020  Added site links on the Wiltshire map. How to Germinate Sweetcorn Seeds

19/12/2020  Added site links on the  Gloucestershire map. Added photos of the  Gloucester Warwickshire Railway

18/12/2020  Added the Scilly Isles map. Added site links on the Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, NorthamptonshireOxfordshireBerkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & Essex maps. Uploaded photos of Croxden Abbey, Warwick St. Mary's Church

17/12/2020  Completed the England Regions map

07/12/2020  Making a Compost Press

03/11/2020  Pectin & Acidity Chart

31/10/2020  New recipes added: Black & Blue Jam, Blackcurrant & Blackberry Jam, Bluecurrant Jam, Brambley Jam, R & B Jam, Redcurrant & Raspberry Jam, Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam, Straspberry Jam, Straspcurrant Jam

23/10/2020  Ripening Tomatoes on and off the vine

03/10/2020  Corn & Cabbage Chutney recipe

02/10/2020  How to make Simple Sacks

22/09/2020  Potting up Strawberry Runners

21/09/2020  Garlic Chilli Jelly RecipeSage & Onion Jelly Recipe

20/09/2020  Spicy Bean Chutney Recipe

17/09/2020  Hedgerow Jam Recipe

12/09/2020  How to Save Tomato Seed

09/09/2020  Dealing with Tomato Blight

30/08/2020  Crabapple Chilli Jelly recipe

28/08/2020  Why keep a gardening diary?

23/08/2020  Gherkin Goo Chutney recipe

21/08/2020  Can you grow apples from seed?

18/08/2020  New 7-seed template for 10" pots

13/08/2020  Sowing peas in lengths of gutter

07/08/2020  Sowing carrots using a template

23/04/2020  Two new variations of Bottles from glass beads.

16/04/2020  Using old plant labels to make Gravestones.

09/04/2020  How to make Quilling Tools from sewing needles.

02/04/2020  How to make clumps of Chives, and add Flower Spikes

26/03/2020  How to make a Guillotine to chop thin strips of wood, plastic etc.

17/03/2020  How to make Beetroot plants from seed beads, wire and paper.

12/03/2020  Making Onions from seed beads and raffia.

05/03/2020  Prime Cuts from a Milk Bottle

27/02/2020  How to make Breastplates from an empty plastic milk bottle.

20/02/2020  Making Brush Protectors from an empty shower spray bottle.

13/02/2020  Making Javelins and Boar Spears from cocktail sticks and cocktail forks.

06/02/2020  How to make pairs of Greaves from an empty plastic milk bottle.

02/02/2020  Spears video uploaded to YouTube

30/01/2020  How to make Spears from cocktail sticks and comb teeth. Photos of St Monans Friary

29/01/2020  St Bridget's Church

28/01/2020  Scone Abbey, St Marys Friary

26/01/2020  King's Knot, Stirling

25/01/2020  Kinneil Church

24/01/2020  Kinneil Roman Fortlet

23/01/2020  How to make Dragon-Scale Cloaks from an empty milk bottle.

22/01/2020  Culross Abbey

16/01/2020  How to simulate ash wood grain on Poles and Planks

09/01/2020  How to make Shortswords & Daggers from a comb and a hairbrush

02/01/2020  How to paint a magical metallic colour scheme: Abamantium


26/12/2019  How to make a different Saucepan with wire handles

19/12/2019  Making a Saucepan from a superglue cap and a toothpick

12/12/2019  How to make a Practice Dummy

05/12/2019  How to make an Archery Target and Stand

28/11/2019  How to make Gabions from cocktail sticks, string and hot glue

21/11/2019  How to paint a Caen Stone colour scheme.

14/11/2019  How to make Test Tubes from bugle beads, and making a Test Tube Rack to hold them.

10/11/2019  Pictures of three model buildings added: Rohan House, Rohan Watch-house and Parth Galen

07/11/2019  How to make a Cage to hold or transport an animal

31/10/2019  Making a Displacer Beast from a plastic toy

24/10/2019  Creating an old Mirror with Foxing

17/10/2019  Using the legs of a plastic toy to create Joints of Meat

10/10/2019  Making an Animal Bench using the legs from a plastic toy.

03/10/2019  How to make Animal Skin Rugs

26/09/2019  Making a Carry Pole with a plastic animal

19/09/2019  How to make Hunting Trophies from plastic toys

12/09/2018  Making a set of Weighing Scales

05/09/2019  How to make Brass Bowls

03/09/2019  Random generator for Cracked Stone Floors

29/08/2019  How to make a set of Weights from a plastic sprue

22/08/2019  Instructions for making Free-Standing Torches

15/08/2019  How to make Chandeliers

08/08/2019  Making Sconces to hold torches

01/08/2019  Adding Cotton Bud Flames to your torches

25/07/2019  How to make Fancy Torches

21/07/2019  Garden Diary updates

12/07/2019  How to make a Spent Torch

11/07/2019  Adding Hot Glue Flames to torches

04/07/2019  Making Simple Torches

13/06/2019  Making Milky Frosted Glass windows

12/06/2019  Garden Diary updates

07/06/2019  Garden Diary updates

06/06/2019  How to make Mirrored Glass

03/06/2019  Garden Diary update

30/05/2019  Producing Rain Glass in miniature.

23/05/2019  How to create an Antique Glass effect.

19/05/2019  German Place Names

18/05/2019  Garden Diary update

17/05/2019  Linlithgow Whitefriars, Manuel Nunnery, Pittenweem Priory

16/05/2019  Making Leaded_Glass windows from moulded packaging material.

09/05/2019  Adding Clear Designs to frosted glass windows. Lindores Abbey

06/05/2019  Garden Diary update and new video uploaded.

04/05/2019  Garden Diary update

03/05/2019  Inchcolm Abbey #1, Inchcolm Abbey #2

02/05/2019  How to make windows with a Fine Frosted Glass effect.

25/04/2019  How to add a Wood-Grain Texture to craft sticks, basswood or balsa.

18/04/2019  Adding Shield Designs using adhesive tape.

14/04/2019  Garden Diary update.

11/04/2019  How to make Shield Bosses from superglue caps, and Shield Handles from empty plastic water bottles.

09/04/2019  Garden Diary update.

04/03/2019  How to make a variety of different Polearms.

31/03/2019  Garden Diary update.

28/03/2019  Making Textured Shields from an empty plastic milk bottle.

27/03/2019  Garden Diary update.

25/03/2019  Making a variety of Weapon and Shield Racks. Garden Diary update.

24/03/2019  Garden Diary update.

21/03/2019  Instructions for making Practice Swords from pop-rivets. Garden Diary update.

16/03/2019  Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline Palace.  Google Analytics redeployed on all pages. Site maintenance and overhaul completed. Welsh Place Names

15/03/2019  West Wemyss Castle, Wolfclyde Motte, Wormiston Tower House

14/03/2019  How to make a variety of Swords from plastic card and other bits. You can now Donate to Abaroth's World to support my efforts.

13/03/2019  Torphichen Preceptory, Upper Largo Tower, Wemyss Castle, West Port House

12/03/2019  Staneyhill Tower, Stirling Castle #1, Stirling Castle #2, Stirling Town Wall

10/03/2019  Scotstarvit Tower, Seafield Tower, Shieldhill Castle, St Andrews Castle, St Andrews PrecinctSt Andrews West Port

09/03/2019  Sauchie Tower, Scone Palace, Scone Palace Gateway

08/03/2019  Roberton Motte, South Lanarkshire, Rossend Castle, Rosyth Castle, new pictures of Plane Castle courtesy of Phillip Plevey.

07/03/2019  Making Rapiers from dressmakers' pins.

06/03/2019  Randerston Lairds House, Rathmore Tower House, Ravenscraig Castle, Fife

05/03/2019  Pittarthie Castle, Pitcullo Castle, Plane Castle, Plewlands House

04/03/2019  Parbroath Castle, Perdieus Mount Motte, Pitcruvie Castle, Piteadie Castle, Pitfirrane Castle, Pitreavie Castle

28/02/2019  How to make a variety of Maces from beads and cocktail sticks. Photos of Ochiltree Castle, Old Downie Castle, Old Dunimarle Castle, Old Gala House, new map of the Borders region

27/02/2019  Mountquhanie Castle, Murroes Castle, Newark Castle, Fife, Niddry Castle

26/02/2019  Menstrie Castle, Methven Castle, Midhope Castle

25/02/2019  Updated Garden Diary 2019

22/02/2019  MacDuff's CastleMaiden Castle, Fife, Mains Castle, Malcolm Canmore's Tower, Manor Castle, Mar's Wark

21/02/2019  How to make Kite Shields from an empty plastic milk bottle. New photos of Langholm Castle, Linlithgow Palace #1, Linlithgow Palace #2, Lochleven Castle, Lochore Castle, Lordscairnie Castle, Lundin Tower

20/02/2019  Kilconquhar Castle, Killernie Castle, Kinfauns Castle, Kellie Castle, Kingennie Castle, Kinneil House, Kipps Tower, Knockdavie Castle

15/02/2019  Gardening section revamped. Seed Planting Calendar and Garden Diary 2019 pages added

14/02/2019  Instructions posted for making a Grinding Wheel

07/02/2019  New painting tutorial for Galvanised Steel

06/02/2019  Hallyards Castle, Hill House, House of the Binns, Huntingtower Castle, Inch Garvie Castle

05/02/2019  Elcho Castle, Falkland Castle, Falkland Palace, Fatlips Castle, Lanarkshire, Fernie Castle

04/02/2019  Dunnikier House, Duntarvie Castle, Culross Palace

03/02/2019  Dudhope Castle, Dundas Castle, Dundee City Walls

02/02/2019  Denmylne Castle, Dreel Castle, Duddingston House

31/01/2019  New tutorial posted - Cracked Glass

24/01/2019  The revamp of the model-making section is now complete - Miniatures and Models

18/01/2019  I have completed a lot of the site re-vamp - apologies for any broken links. I hope to have everything fixed soon.

03/01/2019  Installed a new hit counter and reset the total to match the last count I had saved.

02/01/2019  Amended some errors and performed general house-keeping

01/01/2019  Abaroth's World has a new host.

23/04/2018  How to make spider nests from a wet wipe

16/04/2018  How to make spider nests / cocoons

26/03/2018  How to make wasps nests

19/03/2018  How to paint a Red Granite effect

18/03/2018  Clackmannan Tower, Claypotts Castle, Corston Tower, Crail Castle, Creich Castle, Culdee Monastery

15/03/2018  Castle Dykes Motte

14/03/2018  Castle Campbell

13/03/2018  Balwearie Castle, Biggar Motte, Blackness Castle #1, Blackness Castle #2, Blairlogie Castle, Boghall Castle, Bordie Castle, Bower of Wandel, Branxholme Castle, Bridgeness Tower, Broughty Castle, Burleigh Castle, Cambuskenneth Abbey

12/03/2018  How to make molehills, Balhousie Castle, Ballinbreich Castle, Ballumbie Castle, Balmanno Castle, Balmerino Abbey, Balmuto Tower, Balvaird Castle

10/03/2018  Abbot House, Aberdour Castle, Abernethy Round Tower, Abington Motte, Airdrie House, Aithernie Castle, Alloa Tower, Almond Castle, Ardross Castle, Fife, Argyll's Lodging, Balcarres Tower Folly, Balcomie Castle, Balfour Castle, Fife, Balgonie Castle

03/03/2018  New YouTube video - making pot protectors from pop bottles

26/02/2018  How to make medieval beehives

19/02/2018  Randomized pattern generators for painting references

12/02/2018  How to paint scabby rust

05/02/2018  More ways to make eggs for models

29/01/2018  How to make eggs using a hot glue gun

22/01/2018  Making scrape nests

18/01/2018  New triflap puzzles added

15/01/2018  How to make swallow nests from modelling clay

08/01/2018  How to make wolf spider nests

18/12/2017  Making nests from a scouring pad

11/12/2017  How to make nests from old brushes

04/12/2017  Making stained glass windows with randomized patterns on printed acetate

27/11/2017  How to make fan coral from skeletal hydrangea flowers

23/11/2017  Random old shingle roof generator, & Random new shingle roof generator

20/11/2017  How to create a lava flow

13/11/2017  How to make a steampunk telescope

06/11/2017  Using casting plaster to create ploughed fields

30/10/2017  How to model small landslides using casting plaster

25/10/2017  Model of Whitchester Church, with a custom-moulded spire.

24/10/2017  How to make a scenics applicator from a plastic milk bottle

18/10/2017  New technique for basing models using  plaster added - Basing Models

17/10/2017  Templates for optimal seed spacing posted

12/10/2017  Fruit of the Loam model

13/05/2017  45 new Rounded Tetromino Puzzles added

12/05/2017  30 new Rounded Tetromino Puzzles added

02/05/2017  new photos of Whalley Abbey

29/04/2017  Worcester Cathedral 1

28/04/2017  Talley Abbey

27/04/2017  Glemsford Church, Great Yarmouth St. Nicholas' Church

26/04/2017  Llangollen Railway, Bure Valley Railway, North Norfolk Railway, Wells & Walsingham Light Railway, Whitwell & Reepham Railway, Chester City Map, Chester Shrine of Minerva, Chester St. John's Priory Church, Chester St. Mary's, Chester St. Michael's, Chester St. Nicholas' Chapel, Chester St. Peter's, Bishop Lloyd's Palace, Stanley Palace

25/04/2017  Padeswood Mound, Plas Cadwugan Motte, Prestatyn Castle, Rug Park Motte, St Asaph Bishop's Palace, Tomen-y-Rhodwydd, Tower House Mound, Tyddyn Mount, new photos of Basingwerk Abbey, Denbigh Friary, Holywell Chapel of St Winefride, St Asaph Cathedral, Towyn Church, new photos of Erddig Hall

24/04/2017  Hendom Mound, Holywell Motte, Llys Edwin, Mold Bailey Hill, Owain Glyndwrs House, Owain Glyndwrs Mound

23/04/2017  Coed y Cra Uchaf Motte, new photos of Denbigh Castle, Denbigh Town Walls, Dinas Bran Castle, Erw'r Castle Mound, new photos of Flint Castle

22/04/2017  Chester Cathedral Precinct, Abergele Mount, Bodelwyddan Castle, Broncoed Tower, Bryn-y-Cum Motte, Chester Castle, new photos of Chester City Walls, Chester Dee Bridge

21/04/2017  Stiffkey Church, Weeting Church

04/03/2017  Norwich Cathedral 1, Norwich Cathedral 2, Salle Church

07/12/2016  Oxborough Church

23/10/2016  Lancaster Roman Remains

22/10/2016  Cockersand Abbey, Cockerham Priory, Thurnham Hall

21/10/2016  Ashton Hall

20/10/2016  New pictures of Lancaster Castle added

21/09/2016  Roudham Church

17/09/2016  Kings Lynn St. Nicholas Chapel, Little Snoring Church

15/09/2016  Gooderstone Church

14/09/2016  Felbrigg Hall

11/08/2016  Cley Church, Dereham Church, Great Walsingham Church

08/08/2016  Cawston Church

05/08/2016  Beachamwell Church, Bessingham Church, Blakeney Church, Brisley Church, Burgh Castle Church

01/08/2016  Blakeney Guildhall, Branodunum, Venta Icenorum

31/07/2016  Caister Roman Fort

30/07/2016  Kings Lynn Watchtower

29/07/2016  Berney Arms Windmill, Cley Windmill, Dereham Windmill, Tower Windmill, Weybourne Windmill, Mannington Hall, Grimes GravesKings Lynn Guildhall

28/07/2016  new pictures of Walsingham Abbey, Walsingham Friary, West Acre Priory, Weybourne Priory, St Winwaloes Priory, Wymondham Abbey

27/07/2016  Rufford Abbey, St Olaves Priory, Thetford Holy Sepulcre Priory, Thetford Nunnery, Thetford Priory

25/07/2016  Kings Lynn Benedictine Priory, Kings Lynn Greyfriars, Kings Lynn Whitefriars, Marham Abbey, Norwich Whitefriars, Pentney Priory, Peterstone Priory

24/07/2016  Litcham Priory

23/07/2016  Horsham Priory

22/07/2016  Burnham Norton Friary, Creake Abbey, Great Yarmouth Greyfriars, Great Yarmouth Priory, Hempton Priory, Carrow Priory

21/07/2016  Blakeney Friary

20/07/2016  Beeston Regis Priory, Binham Priory, Blakeney Mariners Hill

19/07/2016  Thetford Castle Hill, Thetford Red Castle, Thetford Warren Lodge, Thornage Hall, Weeting Castle, Whissonsett Hall, North Elmham Bishops Palace

18/07/2016  Stiffkey Old Hall

17/07/2016  new photos of Peveril Castle, Rushford Collegiate Church

16/07/2016  Oxburgh Hall #1, Oxburgh Hall #2


15/07/2016  Norwich Cathedral Close, Norwich City Walls - The South Walls, Norwich City Walls - The West Walls, Norwich City Walls - The North Walls


14/07/2016  Norwich Castle #1, Norwich Castle #2, Norwich Bishops Bridge, Norwich Bishops Palace


13/07/2016  King John's Palace, Kings Lynn Red Mount, Kings Lynn Town Walls, Middleton Mount Motte, Middleton Towers, Mileham Castle, Mileham Village Banks


12/07/2016  Fincham Hall, Great Yarmouth Tollhouse, Great Yarmouth Town Walls #1, Great Yarmouth Town Walls #2, Gresham Castle, Hardwick Halls, Horningtoft Danish Camp, Horsford Castle Hill


11/07/2016  Burgh Castle, Caister Castle, Carbrooke Preceptory, Castleton Town Ditches, Drayton Lodge, East Barsham Manor, Elsing Hall


10/07/2016  Berry Hall, Black Joy Fort, Bolsover Town Banks


09/07/2016  Baconsthorpe Castle


19/05/2016  Norfolk Map, Houghton Hall, Sandringham Church


01/05/2016  Tetrahex Trirotary Puzzle page revamped


30/04/2016  Tetrahex 3-Piece Symmetries


28/04/2016  Polyzoids, Polyzoid Puzzles, Polyzoid Symmetry Spectra, Trizoid Symmetry Puzzles


24/04/2016  Tri- and Tetrahex Propellers


22/04/2016  New solutions added to Pentomino Cubes


20/04/2016  Polyflap Symmetry Spectra


18/04/2016  Polygem Symmetry Spectra


17/04/2016  Triflap Propellers


15/04/2016  Triflap Symmetry Puzzles


14/04/2016  Polygem Pairs & Triplets


13/04/2016  Mono- Trigem Propeller Puzzles


12/04/2016  Mono- Trigem Symmetry Puzzles


10/04/2016  Mono- Digem Symmetry Puzzles


08/04/2016  Trigem Symmetry Puzzles


06/04/2016  Pentahex Portholes Problem new solutions added


05/04/2016  Pentahex Pairs, Pentahex Symmetry Puzzles


01/04/2016  Covering cube surfaces with mono- tetrominoes


30/03/2016  Covering cube surfaces with hexominoes


22/03/2016  More Tri- and Tetrabolo Puzzles, Covering the surface of Cubes with pentominoes


20/03/2016  New Tri- and Tetrabolo Puzzles


18/03/2016  Polyaboloes, Polyabolo Puzzles, Tri- and Tetrabolo Puzzles, Pentabolo Puzzles, Pentabolo Puzzles 2, Pentabolo Similar Pairs


13/03/2016  Edinburgh Castle, Lothian Map


09/03/2016  Scottish Borders Map


28/10/2015  Castell Coch, Pembrokeshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Map


24/10/2015  Lincolnshire Map, Bourne Abbey


18/10/2015  Nottinghamshire Map


16/10/2015  Derbyshire Map


15/10/2015  Danes Dyke, South Yorkshire Map


13/10/2015  West Yorkshire Map, Hillhouse Motte, Kirkstall Abbey


12/10/2015  Sandal Castle


11/10/2015  Conisbrough Castle #1, Conisbrough Castle #2, Monk Bretton Priory, Wakefield Lowe Hill


02/10/2015  Hapton Castle, new photos of Turton Tower, Wigmore Abbey, Hereford & Worcester Map added


01/10/2015  St Dogmaels Abbey, Whitland Abbey, St Elvis Farm Dolmen, Tenby Tudor Merchants House


30/09/2015  Saint Davids Bishops Palace, Saint Davids Cathedral, Saint Davids Cathedral Close, Dale Point Fort, Nevern Church, Penally MonasteryPentre Ifan Dolmen, Pill Priory, St Clears Priory,


29/09/2015  West Blockhouse, Milford Haven, West Tarr Tower, Wiston Castle, Wolfscastle Motte, Woodstock Ring


28/09/2015  Tenby Castle, Tenby, St Catherine's Fort, Tenby Town Walls, Thorn Island Fort, Tomen y Bala, Walwyns Castle


27/09/2015  Sandyhaven Tower, Sentence Castle, Slebech Preceptory, Saint Brides Castle, Saint Ishmaels Tump


26/09/2015  Roch Castle, Roche Castle, Rudbaxton Rath, Ruthin Castle


25/09/2015  Parc y Castell, St. Davids, Parc y Domen Issa, Paxtons Tower, Pembroke Castle #1, Pembroke Castle #2, Pembroke Town Walls, Pembroke East Martello, Pembroke West Martello, Picton Castle, Pill Castle, Pointz Castle


24/09/2015  Narberth Castle, New Moat Motte, Newcastle Emlyn Castle, Newport Castle, Pembrokeshire, Newport Old Castle


23/09/2015  Llanarthney Monastery, Llandeilo Monastery, Manian Fawr, Manorbier Castle, Meini Gwyr Stone Circle, Monkton Priory, Monkton Priory Farmhouse


22/05/2015  Llansteffan Castle, Llawhaden Castle, Lydstep Old Palace, Haverfordwest Priory, Kidwelly Priory


21/09/2015  Laugharne Castle, Llanboidy Motte, Llandeilo Abercywyn Tower, Llandre Gaer, Llanfyrnach Motte


20/09/2015  Kidwelly Castle #1, Kidwelly Castle #2, Kidwelly Town Walls


19/09/2015  Haroldston Mansion, Haverfordwest Castle, Haverfordwest Town Walls, Hayscastle Motte, Henrys Moat Motte, Hook Tump


18/09/2015  Drim Castle, Drim Camp, East Blockhouse, Milford Haven, Eastington Manor, Gors Fawr Stone Circle, Great Castle Head, Green Castle


17/09/2015  Castle Villa, Castlebythe Motte, Castles Bay Camp, Cilgerran Castle, Cresswell Castle, Dale Castle, Dinefwr Castle, Dingstopple Mound, Dryslwyn Castle & Walled Town,


15/09/2015  Castell Aber Taf, Carmarthen Amphitheatre, Castell Blaenllechog, Castell Cossan, Castell Dyffryn Mawr, Castell EglwyswrwCastell Garw, Castell Gronw, Castell Henllys, Castell Llainfawr, Castell Mael, Castell Maenclochog, Castell Nanhyfer, Castell y Bere, Castell y Fran


14/09/2015  Cardigan Priory, Carmarthen Priory, Carn Besi Dolmen, Carreg Coetan Arthur Dolmen


13/09/2015  Banc y Bettws, Cardigan Castle, Cardigan Old Castle, Carew Castle #1, Carew Castle #2, Carew Old Rectory, Carmarthen Castle


12/09/2015  Lamphey Bishops Palace, St Clears Castle, Upton Castle, Aberystwyth Castle, Angle Castle, Angle Rectory


02/08/2015  Hexatwig Puzzles posted


09/07/2015  70 Rounded Tetromino Puzzles posted


08/07/2015  Oxford Cathedral, Peterstow Church, Shirburn Church


07/07/2015  Whithorn Priory, Chapel Finian, Glasserton Church, Kirkmadrine Church, Kirkmaiden Church, Inch Old Church, St. Ninian's Chapel, Mull Of Galloway Lighthouse


06/07/2015  Ravenstone Castle, Round Dounan Motte, Skaith Motte, Sorbie Motte, Sorbie Tower, Saint John's Motte, Stapleton Tower, Whithorn Castle, Dalarran Standing Stone, Drumtroddan Standing Stones, Heron Isle Crannog, Stairhaven Broch, Ailsa Craig Castle, Bass Castle


05/07/2015  Machermore Castle, Minnigaff Motte, Mote of Annan, Myrton Castle, Old Lochnaw Castle, Old Place of Mochrum, Physgill Tower House


04/07/2015  Larg Tower, new photos of Lochinch Castle, Lochnaw Castle, Lowther Castle


03/07/2015  High Drummore Motte, new photos of Hutton Hall, Innermessan Mote, Isle of Whithorn Castle, Kenmure Castle, Killaser Castle, Killumpha Tower


02/07/2015  Craighlaw Castle, Craigoch Castle, Cruggleton Castle, Dalemain, Dowies Tower House, new photos of Droughdool Mote, Druchtag Mote, Dunskey Castle, Galdenoch Castle, Garlies Castle


01/07/2015  Castle Ban Motte, Castle Feather, more photos of Castle Kennedy, Castle of Park, more photos of Castle of St. John, Sinniness Castle, Castle Stewart, Castle Wigg, Clanyard Castle, Clifton Motte, Corsewall Castle, Craigcaffie Tower


30/06/2015  Carscreugh Castle


29/06/2015  Auchness Tower, Balgreggan Motte, Balmaclellan Mote, Balsarroch, Balzieland Castle, Barscobe Castle, Boreland Mote


28/06/2015  Tor of Craigoch, Airyolland Manor, Ardwell Motte, Askham Hall Pele


17/06/2015  New photos of Sheriff Hutton Castle, Appleby Castle added


15/04/2015  Oswestry Church, Blackburn Cathedral


14/04/2015  Stratford Toll House


13/04/2015  Pistyll Rhaeadr, Melverley Church, Shrewsbury Abbey, Lichfield Cathedral, Lichfield Cathedral #2


11/04/2015  Towneley Hall, Llantwit Major Grange, Llantwit Major Monastic Church, Llantwit Major Windmill, Malpas Church, Llanyblodwel Church photos added


07/04/2015  Balanced Polyhex Triangle Puzzles


14/01/2015  Multihex Snowflakes 14 Problem #2


11/01/2015  Multihex Snowflakes 14 Problem page 1 posted


07/01/2015  Multihex Snowflakes 13 Problem posted


05/01/2015  Multihex Snowflakes 10 Problem posted


02/01/2015  Many more puzzles and solutions added to Multihex Snowflakes 9 Problem


24/12/2014  Polywaves & Polywave Puzzles, Polyograms & Polyogram Puzzles


13/12/2014  Polyiamond Puzzles


12/12/2014  Polypon Puzzles and Pentomino Puzzles pages added, Polyhexes page revamped


11/12/2014  Rounded Polyomino Puzzles added and Polyominoes page revamped


10/12/2014  Polyhings and Polyhing Puzzles pages added


04/12/2014  Rounded or Bridged Polyiamonds added


03/12/2014  Rounded or Bridged Polyominoes added


27/11/2014  Polyhes added


26/11/2014  Polydrafters and Polypons added


25/11/2014  PolySquareRhombi and Polycairos pages added.


19/11/2014  Squaring the Hexagon - a study of polyform similarity and equivalence.


18/11/2014  Polygem Puzzles added


17/11/2014  Polyrects page added


16/11/2014  New pages added about Polyrhombs, Polydiamonds, Polygems, Polyflaps


13/11/2014  New 3-D puzzles added using polyspheres


06/11/2014  Oswestry Hillfort


04/11/2014  New photos of Chirk Castle, Llwyn Bryn Dinas Hillfort, Chirbury Priory, Erddig Hall


03/11/2014  Tomen Cefn Glaniwrch, Tomen Cefncoch, Tomen y Maerdy, Wattlesborough Castle, Welshpool Motte, Whittington Castle, Wilcott Castle Mound, Wilmington Motte, Wollaston Mount Motte, Wotherton Castle Mound


02/11/2014  Pont Mathrafal Mound, Scrape Cottage Mound, Shrawardine Castle, Shrewsbury Town Wall, Sycharth Castle


01/11/2014  Pan Castle, Pulford Motte, Roft Motte, Rorrington Motte, Ruyton-XI-Towns Castle


31/10/2014  Egwys Cross Motte, Ellesmere Castle, Erddig Castle, Erw'r Esgob, Gobowen Motte; Bryn y Castell, Hawcocks Mount, Hockleton Motte, Knockin Castle, Lady's Mount Motte, Little Ness Motte, Llanfechain Motte; Domen Gastell, Llangadfan Motte, Llyssun Motte, Malpas Castle Hill, Mathrafal Castle, Moel Frochas, Oaklands Mount, Oswestry Castle


30/10/2014  Alberbury Castle, Bretchel Motte, Castell y Waun, Castle Caereinion, Caus Castle, Chirbury Castle, Panpudding Hill, Shropshire Map


12/09/2014  York Baile Hill, York Abbey, new pictures of York Castle ( Clifford's Tower ), York City Walls: Davy Tower to Micklegate, York City Walls: Micklegate to Lendal Bridge, York City Walls: Lendal Tower to Monkgate, York City Walls: Monkgate to River Foss, York City Walls: Red Tower to Fishergate Postern, North Yorkshire Map updated


11/09/2014  Hazelwood Castle, Tadcaster Motte, Almondbury Castle Hill


05/09/2014  Margam Abbey, Neath Abbey


04/09/2014  Ampleforth Abbey, Stonegrave Church, Bridlington Priory, Durham Cathedral


03/09/2014  Kirk Hammerton Church, Warter Priory, Wilberfoss Priory, Beverley Minster


02/09/2014  North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire Map, Flamborough Old Lighthouse, Culloden Tower, Nunnington Hall, Nun Monkton Priory, St Martins Priory


01/09/2014  Cleveland Map


31/08/2014  Llanrhidian Church, Devils Arrows Standing Stones


30/08/2014  Llandaff Cathedral, Neath Roman Fort, Penrice Church


29/08/2014  Dyffryn House, Llanddewi Church, Tyne and Wear Map, Durham Map, Newcastle Cathedral, Little Moreton Hall


28/08/2014  I have been working on new regional maps for quite some time. Today I have removed the old maps, such as they were, and linked in the new regional maps. So far the following counties/regions are uploaded and working:

Anglesey, Cheshire, Cumbria, Dumfries & Galloway, Dyfed, Gwent, Isle Of Man, Lancashire, Mid Glamorgan, Northumbria, Powys, South Glamorgan, West Glamorgan


Beaupre Castle


27/08/2014  Tinkinswood Chambered Cairn, Parc le Breos Burial Chamber, Redland Farm Standing Stone, Cottrell Park Standing Stone, Cold Knap Roman Villa, Cardiff Blackfriars, Caerau Church, Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre, Caerleon Roman Fort, Llancarfan Church


26/08/2014  St Lythans Dolmen


24/08/2014  National flags of England, Scotland and Wales posted for all listed castles


24/08/2014  Twmbarlwm Motte, Twmpath Motte, Walterston Castle, Weobley Castle, Weoley Castle, Ystradowen Motte


23/08/2014  Rumney Castle, Ruperra Castle, St Donats Castle, St Fagans Castle, St Georges Castle, St Quintins Castle, Stafford Town Walls, Sully Castle, Swansea Castle, Swansea Town Walls


22/08/2014  Old Penrice Castle, Oxwich Castle, Oystermouth Castle, Penllyn Castle, Penmaen Ringwork, Penmark Castle, Pennard CastlePenrice Castle, Peterston Castle


21/08/2014  Llantrisant Castle, Llantrithyd Ringwork, Llantrithyd Place, Loughor Castle, Malefant Castle, Marcross Castle, Margam Castle, Meredydd Castle, Middlecross Ringwork, Monmouth Town Walls, Morganstown Motte, Morgraig Castle, Mow Cop Castle, Newcastle, Bridgend, Neath Castle, Newark Castle, Ogmore Castle


20/08/2014  Llanilid Castle Ringwork


19/08/2014  Cardiff Castle #1 and Cardiff Castle #2


18/08/2014  Caerphilly Castle #1 and Caerphilly Castle #2


16/08/2014  Llanddewi Castle, Llandough Castle, Llangibby Castle, Llangibby Motte, Llanquian Castle


15/08/2014  Llandaff Bishops Palace


14/08/2014  Cowbridge Town Walls, Cowbridge Counsel Tut, Craig Ruperra Motte, Ewenny Priory,


13/08/2014  Gadlys, Gelligarn Ringwork, East Orchard Castle, Flemingston Court, Kenfig Castle, Kittle Top, Hartlebury Castle, Holt Castle, Worcestershire


12/08/2014  Castell Glas, Castell y Fan, Castle Coch, Castleton Manor, Coed y Cwm Ringwork, Clyne Castle, Cheriton Church, Coity Castle, Coity Siegeworks, Cottrell Motte


11/08/2014  Caer Castell Ringwork, Caerau Castle, Caerleon Castle, Candleston Castle, Castell Talyfan, Cardiff Town Walls, Dinas Powis Castle, Doghill Moat, Fonmon Castle, Castell Cwrt y Vil, Castell Moel


10/08/2014  Barry Castle, Bishopston Bishops Palace, Bovehill Castle, Bishopston Church of St. Teilo, Cadoxton Court


04/07/2014  Gloucester Cathedral


30/06/2014  Halton Castle, Runcorn, Holt Fortified Bridge, Holt Castle, Clywd, Ince Grange, Saighton Grange, Oakmere Motte, Aldford Church


29/06/2014  Aldford Castle, Dodlestone Castle, Ecclestone Mound, Eddisbury Hillfort


28/06/2014  Penrhyn Castle, Rhuddlan Town Wall, Rhuddlan Twthill, Tomen Castell Motte, Truemans Hill Motte, Bangor Cathedral, Caergybi Fort and Monastery, Capel Lligwy, Llynnon Windmill, Maenan Abbey, Penmon Priory, St. Tudno's Church, Gwydir Chapel Uchaf


26/06/2014  Conway Town Walls, Deganwy Castle, Dolbadarn Castle, Dolwyddelan Castle, Gogarth Bishops Palace, Gwydir Castle, Hawarden Castle, Lleiniog Mound, Pen y Bryn, Maes y Gaer Hillfort


25/06/2014  Bangor Bishops Palace, Beaumaris Town Wall, Bryn Castell, Caerhun, Bryniau Tower, Cae Llys, Caernarfon Town WallsCaernarfon Twthill, Castell Aberlleiniog, Castell Bryn Bras, Castell Llanddeiniolen, Castell Trefadog, Conway Castle


24/06/2014  Allor Moloch Dolmen, Din Lligwy, Llanfaethlu Standing Stone, Llety'r Filiast Dolmen, Lligwy Dolmen, Maenaddwyn Standing Stone,

Penrhosfeilw Standing Stones, Trefignath Dolmen, Ty Mawr Standing Stone, Ty Newydd Dolmen, Bodowyr Dolmen, Castell Bryn Gwyn, Caer Leb, Pier Camp, Bangor, Aberconway Abbey


21/06/2014  Aber Castle, Abergele Tower


07/06/2014  Heckington Church, Leicester Cathedral, Ridlington Church


05/06/2014  Ramsey Church, Ely Cathedral, Leicester, St. Mary de Castro


03/06/2014  Peterborough Cathedral


02/06/2014  Boston St. Botolph's


01/06/2014  Lincoln Cathedral


31/05/2014  Southwell Minster Cathedral


29/05/2014  Dinas Dinlle


27/05/2014  Kirby Hall


25/05/2014  Thorney Abbey, Thurgarton Priory


24/05/2014  Mamucium Roman Town


23/05/2014  South Kyme Priory, Sempringham Abbey


22/05/2014  Temple Bruer Preceptory


20/05/2014  Fotheringhay Priory, Leicester Abbey, Lincoln High Bridge, Ramsey Abbey, Rushden Triangular Lodge, Sawtry Abbey


19/05/2014  Leicester Roman Baths


18/05/2014  Croyland Abbey, Crowland Trinity Bridge, Flag Fen, Great Casterton Roman Town


16/05/2014  Somerton Castle, South Kyme Tower, Swineshead Castle, Stamford Castle, Southwell Bishops Palace, Kibworth Harcourt Windmill, Sibsey Trader Windmill, Whissendine Windmill, Wymondham Windmill, Heckington Windmill


15/05/2014  Sweetheart Abbey, Threave Castle, Tinwald Motte, Tongland Abbey, Torhouse Stone Circle, Torthorwald Castle, Trostrie Motte, Twelve Apostles Stone Circle, Wigtown Castle, Wreaths Tower, Cowcorse, New Abbey Cornmill


14/05/2014  Ruthwell Church, Southerness Lighthouse, Southwick Motte


13/05/2014  Repentance Tower, Roberton Motte, Rockhall Motte, Rockhall Tower, Rusko Castle


11/05/2014  Dockray Hall, Paradise Motte, Penrith, St. Andrews Church, Penrith, Two Lions Inn, Plunton Castle, Pulcree Motte


10/05/2014  Lincluden Abbey, Old Caerlaverock Castle, Orchardton Tower


06/05/2014  MacLellans Castle, Mote of Troqueer, Mote of Urr, Mouswald Tower


05/05/2014  Loch Kindar Crannog, Lochar Tower, Lochmaben Castle, Lochmaben Old Castle Motte, Lochrutton Crannog, Lochinch Castle


04/05/2014  Little Richorn Motte


03/05/2014  Ingleston Mote, Kirkclaugh Motte, Kirkconnel Tower, Ecclefechan, Kirkconnel Tower, Springkell, Kirkcudbright Castle, Kirkcudbright Moat Brae, Kirkhill Motte


02/05/2014  Green Tower Motte, Greenlaw Castle, Hills Tower, Hoddom Castle, Holywood Abbey, Hutton Hall


01/05/2014  Glenluce Abbey, Glenluce Mote Hill


30/04/2014  Droughdool Mote, Drumcoltran Tower, Dumfries Castle Motte, Dundrennan Abbey, Edingham Castle, Elshieshields Tower


29/04/2014  Comlongon Castle, Conchieton Motte, Corra Castle, Corseyard Tower, Culdoach Motte, Cumstoun Motte


28/04/2014  Castle Kennedy, Castle of St. John, Cockpool Castle


27/04/2014  Caerlaverock Castle, Cally Castle, Cally Motte, Cardoness Castle, Carsluith Castle, Cassencarie Castle


26/04/2014  Abbots Tower, Amisfield Tower, Auchenskeock Castle, Baldoon Castle, Balmangan Tower, Barclosh Castle, Barmagachan Motte,

Birrens Roman Fort, Bombie Castle, Borgue Old House, Buittle Castle, Buittle Place Tower


12/04/2014  New page explaining Polyhex Symmetries


27/03/2014  Added new puzzle pages Tetrahex Oddities, with over 1000 new puzzles and solutions.


12/03/2014  New solution found for the Hexahexes Nonets Problem with ternary symmetry.


06/03/2014  Dobroyd Castle, Hall i' th' Wood


13/02/2014  Gibside Hall


10/02/2014  Conishead Priory


06/02/2014  New solution found for the Hexahexes Nonets Problem, photos of Stratford Holy Trinity Church


05/02/2014  St. Abbs Nunnery, Foulden Tithe Barn, additional pictures of Melrose Abbey


04/02/2014  Battle Stone Monolith


03/02/2014  Bunkle Church


02/02/2014  Dunglass Collegiate Church, Ford Church


01/02/2014  About Polykites, Eccles Nunnery, Coldingham Priory, Edrom Church, Fogo Priory


31/01/2014  Gloucester Cathedral Precinct


29/01/2014  Toddington Church


27/01/2014  Richmond Priory


23/01/2014  Stanwick Iron Age Fort


22/01/2014  Richmond Greyfriars, Filling Joints in plaster models


21/01/2014  Wearmouth Abbey


19/01/2014  Jarrow Abbey


18/01/2014  Making a plaster spire from cereal pack moulds : Spires


17/01/2014  Halford Church


16/01/2014  Pershore Abbey


15/01/2014  Saint Oswald's Priory, Gloucester


14/01/2014  Lower Slaughter Church


13/01/2014  Ebrington Church


12/01/2014  Toddington House


11/01/2014  Cartmel Priory, Hailes Abbey, Loch Doon Castle, Halford Motte


09/01/2014  Rollright Stones, Whispering Knights


08/01/2014  Gloucester Blackfriars Friary, Gloucester Greyfriars Friary, Llanthony Secunda Priory, Chipping Campden Market Hall, Old Campden House,


07/01/2014  Cirencester Abbey, Cirencester Church, Belas Knap Long Barrow


06/01/2104  Hereford Cathedral


05/01/2014  Wray Castle, Brampton ChurchWreay Church, Carlisle Cathedral. New photos added to Birdoswald Roman Fort, Lanercost Priory


03/01/2014  Holme Cultram Abbey, Holmehead Bastle, Hadrians Wall Turret 49b, Kirkoswald Castle, Lanercost Bridge Motte, Long Meg and Her Daughters, Mayburgh Henge, Newton Arlosh Fortified Church, Newton Reigny Manor, Temon Bastle, Yanwath Hall Pele


02/01/2014  Denton Hall, Drumburgh Castle, Farlam Green Bastle, Farlam Hall Cottages Bastle, Farlam Hall, Farlam New Garth, Great Salkeld Church, Great Salkeld Fortified Rectory, Greystoke Castle


01/01/2014  Brampton Old Church, Brampton Old Church Farm, Brougham Hall, Burgh-by-Sands Church, Burneside Hall, Castle Carrock Castle, Castle Carrock Watson Institute, Catterlen Hall, Cumcatch Bastle


31/12/2013  Armathwaite Castle, Beaumont Motte & Church, Blencow Hall


23/12/2013  Hexahexes Nonets Problem


21/12/2013  Christmas Trees Puzzle


17/12/2013  Multihuts Problem A using polyhut pieces. Photos of Avebury Church


16/12/2013  New puzzle page added - Polyhuts


14/12/2013  New puzzle page added - Monabolic Cube. New solution added to Mono Hexa Snowflakes Problem 3


13/12/2013  New puzzle page added - Mono Hexa Snowflakes Problem 3


12/12/2013  New puzzle page added - Mono Hexa Snowflakes Problem 2


11/12/2013  Wenlock Priory pictures and puzzles and solutions added for the Tetrahex Propeller Problem added


10/12/2013  New page outlining general groups of Polyform Puzzles


09/12/2013  New puzzle posted using hexahexes: Hexahexes Problem A


07/12/2013  Puzzles and solutions added for the Multihex Sextuplets Problem


06/12/2013  More puzzles added to the Multihex Snowflakes Problem


05/12/2013  New puzzles & solutions added to Abaroth's Rhombi and Multihex Snowflakes Problem


22/11/2013  Belmont Abbey, Bromfield Priory, Buildwas Abbey, Haughmond Abbey


21/11/2013  New page added to the roleplay section, to generate random maze maps


19/11/2013  Arthuret Church, Irthington Church, Bewcastle Church, Tortie Iron Age Fort, Lanercost Dacre Tower, Lanercost King Edwards Tower, Lanercost Priory, Rotherwas Chapel, Knighton Church, Leominster Priory


17/11/2013  Waverley Abbey, Binchester Roman Fort, Lanchester Roman Fort, Piercebridge Roman Site, Y Gaer Roman Fort, Blanchland Abbey, Escomb Church, Finchale Priory, The Vyne, Staindrop Church


16/11/2013  Birdoswald Roman Fort, Newby Demesne Farmhouse, Hadrians Wall Milecastle 34, Hadrians Wall Milecastle 39, Hadrians Wall Turret 33b, Hadrians Wall Turret 26b, Ebchester Church and Roman Fort, Warden Church, Seaham Church, Bywell St Andrews, Ovingham Church, Brimpsfield Church, Chipping Campden Church


15/11/2013  Dalton Castle, Gleaston Castle, Millom Castle, MacLellans Castle, Muncaster Castle, Wraysholme Tower, Cirencester Amphitheatre, Chedworth Roman Villa, Great Witcombe Roman Villa, Wroxeter Roman City, Carrowburgh Roman Fort and Mithraeum, Housesteads Roman Fort, Hadrians Wall Turret 51a, Hadrians Wall Turret 51b, Hadrians Wall Turret 52a


14/11/2013  Winchcombe Town Banks, Worcester Bishops Palace, Lichfield Cathedral Precinct, Worcester Fort Royal, Worcester Cathedral Precinct, Worcester Castle, Broadway Tower


13/11/2013  Rockingham Castle, Peterborough Precinct, Thirlestane Castle, Torwoodlee Broch & Fort, Torwoodlee Tower, Whitslaid Tower, Wothorpe Towers, Tredington Manor, Upper Slaughter Motte, Warwick Castle, Warwick City Walls, Weston Park Motte


12/11/2013  Ladhope Tower, Langshaw Tower, Leitholm Pele, Lennoxlove Castle, Old Thirlestane Castle, Queen Mary's House, Roxburgh Castle, Peveril Castle, Peterborough Motte, Rochford Tower, Peterborough Bishops Palace


11/11/2013  Hermitage Castle, Hillslap Tower, Hume Castle, Hutton Castle, Innerwick Castle, Jedburgh Castle


10/11/2013  Melrose Commendators House, Darnick Tower, Fishers Tower, Drumlanrig Tower, Fast Castle, Floors Castle, Eyemouth Fort, Greenknowe Tower, Greenlaw Church


09/11/2013  Ayton Castle, Billie Castle, Blanerne Castle, Bunkle Castle, Buckholm Tower, Castle Heaton, Castlelaw Motte, Castlelaw Tower, Cockburnspath Tower, Colmslie Tower


08/11/2013  Duddo Tower, Ford Castle, Ford Vicars Pele, Howtel Pele Tower, Yester Castle, Wark-on-Tweed Castle


07/11/2013  Wharton Hall, Ravenstonedale Priory, Tebay Motte, Seaton Holme Palace, Maiden Castle, Durham, Berwick Lords Mount, Berwick Bell Tower, Berwick City Walls, Twizell Castle


06/11/2013  Fozy Moss Motte, Ludworth Tower, Mortham Tower, Pendragon Castle, Ravensworth Castle, County Durham,


05/11/2013  Dalden Tower, Bywell St. Peters, Durham City Walls, Durham Castle updated, Hexham Moot Hall, Hexham Old Gaol, Holmside Hall, Horden Hall, Low Butterby Manor, Langley Old Hall


04/11/2013  Warden Castle Motte


03/11/2013  Dalston Hall Pele, Cirencester Roman Wall, Crookbarrow Hill Motte & Moat, Tattershall Castle, Wyberts Castle, Woodwalton Motte and Sudeley Castle pages created.


02/11/2013  Dolforwyn Castle, Croft Castle, More Castle, Shrewsbury Castle, Simons Castle Motte, Tempeston Moat Motte, Wigmore Castle, Washingley Motte, Welbourn Motte, Uppingham Motte, Torpel Castle, The Castles, Hamsterley, Skirpenbeck Motte, Woodcroft Castle, Woodhead Castle and Smithills Hall pictures posted.


01/11/2013  Images of Sizergh Castle added.


14/10/2013  3 new puzzles introduced in the Polyomino Mazes page.


06/10/2013  New problems and solutions added to Abaroth's Rhombi, new pages added for Flexahex Puzzles, Flexominoes, More Flexominoes,

Pentomino Zoo, Polyiamonds

27/09/2013  New puzzle invented - Abaroth's Rhombi with 20 problems and solutions posted.

22/09/2013  New ideas added to Colour Match Puzzles page.

19/09/2013  Hen Domen Motte, Hereford Castle, Hereford City Walls, Hopton Castle, Kingsland Motte, Lydham Motte, Montgomery Castle

18/09/2013  Caldwall Castle, Cefnbryntalch Motte, Cheney Longville Ringwork, Colebatch Motte, Corfton Castle, Clun Castle, Bryn y Castell Motte, Knighton, Brynderwen Motte, Brompton Mill Motte pages created

17/09/2013  Brockhurst Castle, Brockton Motte, Minton Castle pages added

13/09/2013  Berwick Castle added

12/09/2013  New Puzzles page and solutions added

22/08/2013  Bradley Hall, Brimpsfield Castle, Brimpsfield Motte and Bridgnorth Castle pages created

21/08/2013  Baxters Tower, Bearpark Priors House and Bywell Castle added

16/08/2013  Cocklaw Tower

30/05/2013  Broncroft Castle , Cheney Longville Castle , Corfham Castle , Hampton Court Castle , Hereford Bishops Palace , Holdgate Castle , Lea Castle

25/04/2013  Whalley Abbey , Witton Castle , Witton Tower

24/04/2013  Bicton Castle Motte , Bishops Castle , Thirlwall Castle , Triermain Castle , Upper Denton Bastle , Wauchope Castle , Yanwath Hall Pele , Wetheral Priory

05/04/2013  Brampton Bryan Castle page added

14/02/2013  Say it with Rose Castle ! or Walworth Castle , Peel o Hill Bastle , Penwortham Motte , Scaleby Castle

12/02/2013  Lincoln Cathedral Close , Newark Castle , Newbiggin Hall , Northborough Manor pages added

11/02/2013  Oakham Castle page added

09/02/2013  5 new castle pages added: Gawthorpe Hall , Houghton-le-Spring Rectory , Langholm Castle , Linstock Pele , Naworth Castle

08/02/2013  6 new castle pages added: Haltwistle Pele , Hayton Motte , Irthington Motte , Irthington Mill Motte , Kirkandrews Tower , Kirkcambeck Ringwork

07/02/2013  More castle photos and puzzles uploaded: Bellister Castle , Bew Castle , Carlisle Cathedral Precinct , Carlisle Citadel , Carlisle Priors Tower , Corby Castle

06/02/2013  New castle sites and puzzles added: Askerton Castle , Blackpoolgate Bastle , Blenkinsopp Castle , Brampton Mote

05/10/2012  Lincoln Castle , Levens Hall and Nether Levens Hall pages added

04/10/2012  New pages created for Arnside Tower , Beetham Castle Hill , Beetham Hall , Borwick Hall , Bury Castle , Halton Castle Hill , Hazelslack Tower , Hoghton Tower , Kendal Castle Howe and Kendal Castle

03/10/2012  Maxey Castle , Mount Alstoe Motte , Lincoln Bishops Palace and Lincoln City Walls pages added

02/10/2012  New pages made for Leicester Castle , Leicester Magazine Gateway , Leppington Motte , Longthorpe Tower  and Lowdham Motte

17/08/2012  Grimsthorpe Castle , Gumley Motte , Hallaton Motte , Halloughton Tower , Hinckley Motte , Hunsingore Hall , Hussey Tower , Ingarsby Motte , Kibworth Harcourt Motte , Kirby Muxloe Castle and Kyme Castle pages created.

16/08/2012  Bolingbroke Castle , Bolsover Castle and Burton Agnes Manor pictures added

15/08/2012  12 new pages added for: Braybrooke Castle , Burton Pedwardine Motte , Corby Glen Motte , Driffield Motte , Earl Shilton Castle , Ely Bishops Palace , Ely Castle Motte , Ely Porta Gatehouse , Essendine Castle , Flamborough Castle , Folkingham Castle , Gilling Castle

14/08/2012  Aslockton Cranmers Mound , Ashby de la Zouch Castle , Barnwell Castle , Bourne Motte , Belvoir Castle photos added

13/08/2012  Five new castle pages made: Acklam Motte , Beacon Hill Motte, Pickering , Beverley North Bar , Buttercrambe Motte , Crayke Castle

21/07/2012  Random generators for painters: Random Brick Walls and Random Slate Roofs

19/07/2012  New castles added: Sheriff Hutton Motte , Slingsby Castle and Stanhope Castle

18/07/2012  New pages created for: Lumley Castle , Malton Castle Lodge , Raby Castle and Raby Old Lodge

16/07/2012  Three new castles added: Durham Castle , Hunstanworth Pele and Hylton Castle

15/07/2012  Castles page revamped. Three new castles added: Auckland Castle , Brancepeth Castle and Brough Castle

10/06/2012  Random Dungeon Map generator added.

29/05/2012  Random Cavern Map generator added

23/03/2012  New puzzle added to the Puzzles Page

13/03/2012  New section added featuring various Puzzles which can be made simply using cast pieces.

15/01/2012  Pages made for Littlemore Priory and Pamber Priory

13/01/2012  Helenstowe Nunnery pictures added

12/01/2012  Images of Hyde Abbey uploaded

11/01/2012  Dorchester Abbey and Godstow Nunnery pages created

10/01/2012  New page added for Faringdon Priory

09/01/2012  Page made for Eynsham Abbey

06/01/2012  Photographs of Somerset Hospital added

05/01/2012  Reading Abbey page created

04/01/2012  Images of Shirburn Castle added

03/01/2012  Winchester Cathedral images added

02/01/2012  Pictures of West Kennet Avenue uploaded

01/01/2012  Three new pages added: Walbury Hill Iron Age Fort, Windmill Hill Neolithic Enclosure and Woodhenge

31/12/2011  Three new pages added: Chisbury Iron Age Fort, Durrington Walls and The Sanctuary

20/12/2011  Cholsey Abbey page created

19/12/2011  Two pages added for images of Windsor Castle : Page 1 and Page 2

15/12/2011  Photographs of St Georges Chapel, Windsor added

14/12/2011  Images of Andwell Priory uploaded

13/12/2011  New page created for Andover Priory

11/12/2011  Images of Avebury Manor uploaded

07/12/2011  New page to generate random descriptions of Metal Armour

23/11/2011  New page made for Wolvesey Castle

21/11/2011  Five new random item generators posted to the Roleplaying Tools page

18/11/2011  Images uploaded of Farindon Castle

17/11/2011  Page created for Oxford Castle

16/11/2011  Pictures of Silbury Hill Megalthic Monument and West Kennet Long Barrow added

09/10/2011  New page made for Wallingford Castle

08/10/2011  Pictures of Hinton Waldrist Motte and Bailey uploaded

07/10/2011  Images uploaded for Radcliffe Tower

04/10/2011  Tamworth Castle pictures added

30/09/2011  Photos of West Woodhay Motte uploaded

22/09/2011  New pages created for Stafford Castle & Hamstead Marshall Mottes

13/09/2011  Abingdon Abbey page made

09/09/2011  Images of Ludgershall Castle uploaded

08/09/2011  Page created for Farnham Castle and examples uploaded to the Heraldic Patterns page

07/09/2011  Pictures uploaded for Bampton Castle and Basing House

03/09/2011  Old Sarum Castle and Old Sarum Cathedral pages created

01/09/2011  New pages added for: Uffington Castle , Dragon Hill , Beacon Hill Iron Age Fort and Stonehenge Barrows

31/08/2011  Winchester Castle photographs uploaded

30/08/2011  New page created for Uffington White Horse

29/08/2011  Salisbury Cathedral pictures added

28/08/2011  Photographs of Pope's Tower uploaded

27/08/2011  New page added for Odiham Castle

26/08/2011  Highclere Castle page created

25/08/2011  Images of Stonehenge added

22/08/2011  Calleva Atrebatum Roman Town and Amphitheatre pictures uploaded

20/08/2011  Avebury Henge page created

17/08/2011  Photos of Donnington Castle added

16/08/2011  Images of Kenilworth Castle uploaded

15/08/2011  New page added for Farnborough Abbey

14/08/2011  Updated maps and gallery pages for lots of new historic sites

21/07/2011  Two new castle pages created: White Castle and Wilton Castle

20/07/2011  Brecon Cathedral , Usk Castle and Usk Priory pictures added

19/07/2011  New pages added for Llanthony Priory , Tintern Abbey and Harold's Stones

18/07/2011  Talgarth Tower , Tretower Castle and Court , Tump Terret Motte photos uploaded

16/07/2011  Three new castle pages created: St. Briavels Castle , Skenfrith Castle and Stokesay Castle

15/07/2011  Photographs of Porthamal Tower and Raglan Castle uploaded

14/07/2011  New pages added for: Moreton Corbet Castle , Newcastle Motte , Pembridge Castle , Pen-Coed Castle , Penhow Castle , Penkelly Castle , Penrhos Castle Motte

13/07/2011  Five new pages added: Llanddew Bishops Palace , Longtown Castle , Longtown Motte and Bailey , Mill Wood Castle Motte and Monmouth Priory

12/07/2011  Pictures of Chepstow Town Walls uploaded

11/07/2011  New page created for Chepstow Castle

08/07/2011  Monmouth Castle page created

06/07/2011  Uploaded pictures of Monnow Bridge

05/07/2011  New pages created for Kilpeck Castle and Kilpeck Church

03/07/2011  Caldicot Castle , Crickhowell Castle and Dore Abbey pictures uploaded

02/07/2011  New page added for Caerwent Roman Town

01/07/2011  Acton Burnell Castle and Beeston Castle photos uploaded

30/06/2011  New pages added for Goodrich Castle , Garway Preceptory , Grosmont Castle and Flanesford Priory

29/06/2011  Pictures of Blaenllynfi Castle , Brecon Castle , Caerwent Castle Motte , Dingestow Castle Motte and Bailey ,Dixton Mound and Ewyas Harold Motte and Bailey uploaded

28/06/2011  New pages added for Segontium Roman Fort , Abergavenny Castle and Abergavenny Priory

26/06/2011  Photos of Bronllys Castle, and Malton Priory uploaded

30/05/2011  ALL photogallery pages updated to the new style

04/05/2011  Random Scottish Place Names and Elven Place Names generators added

25/04/2011  Ludlow Castle photos added, used by the kind permission of Henry V

19/04/2011  Random Orc Names generator added

17/04/2011  Anglo-Saxon Male Names, Anglo-Saxon Female Names and Minarian Names added

16/04/2011  Two new pages - Roman Male Names and Roman Female Names

15/04/2011  Seven new pages added producing random names for roleplay games.

13/04/2011  All pages A - Knaresborough Castle changed to the new style gallery

12/04/2011  All pages A - Huntly Castle changed to the new style gallery

11/04/2011  Chester Cathedral page added

10/04/2011  Page created for Chester City Walls

09/04/2011  Pictures of Chester Roman Amphitheatre uploaded

08/04/2011  Ewloe Castle page added

07/04/2011  Photos of Caergwrle Castle uploaded

30/03/2011  Another 10 pages changed to the new gallery style.

29/03/2011  All pages from A - Bryn Celli Ddu changed to the new style gallery.

28/03/2011  Another 11 pages changed to the new gallery style.

26/03/2011  New gallery style page for Tynemouth Priory and Castle

08/02/2011  New page for Heraldic Tools

18/11/2010  Created a page for  Heraldic Mammals #1

12/11/2010  New page added for Mythological Beasts in the heraldry section

11/11/2010  Turton Tower pictures uploaded

08/11/2010  New page created for Greenhalgh Castle

07/11/2010  Photographs of Clitheroe Castle uploaded

06/11/2010  Added pictures of Sawley Abbey

05/11/2010  Photos of Samlesbury Hall uploaded.

04/11/2010  Map updated, and a new page created for Lancaster Castle and Priory

02/11/2010  Ripon Cathedral  photos added

01/11/2010  Uploaded pictures of Skipton Castle

12/10/2010  Added photographs of Spofforth Castle

04/10/2010  Created a page for Barden Tower

26/09/2010  Photographs of Richmond Castle added

20/09/2010  Uploaded pictures of Easby Abbey

19/09/2010  A new page for Bolton Castle created

13/09/2010  Photos of Middleham Castle uploaded

12/09/2010  Pictures of Pickering Castle added

11/09/2010  Jervaulx Abbey photos uploaded

10/09/2010  A new page for Ripley Castle

09/08/2010  Photographs of Ravensworth Castle uploaded

06/08/2010  Knaresborough Castle photos added

05/08/2010  Images of Egglestone Abbey uploaded

04/08/2010  Added a page for Barnard Castle

03/08/2010  Pictures of Sheriff Hutton Castle added

02/08/2010  Bowes Castle photographs uploaded

01/08/2010  The first of the new sites - Marmion Tower

31/07/2010  Several new places added to the map - photographs of each will follow soon

30/08/2010  Llangar Church and Rug Chapel photographs added

29/07/2010  Added a page for Edlingham Castle

28/07/2010  Pictures of Lindisfarne Castle uploaded

27/07/2010  Photographs of Langley Castle added

26/07/2010  Tynemouth Priory and Castle pictures uploaded

25/07/2010  Added images of Warkworth Castle

24/07/2010  Pictures of Shap Abbey uploaded

23/07/2010  New page for Prudhoe Castle

20/07/2010  Added photos of Melrose Abbey

19/08/2010  Images of Bamburgh Castle added

17/08/2010  New page showing pictures of Corbridge Roman town, church and Vicar's Pele tower.

15/07/2010  Added photos of Lindisfarne Priory

14/07/2010  Pictures of Jedburgh Abbey uploaded

13/07/2010  Photos of Haughton Castle added

06/08/2010  New page for Chesters Roman Fort

05/08/2010  Uploaded pictures of Newcastle Keep

04/07/2010  Images of Norham Castle added

03/07/2010  Hexham Abbey photographs uploaded

02/07/2010  Pictures of Etal Castle added

01/07/2010  Photos of Smailholm Tower uploaded

31/06/2010  Added photos of Kelso Abbey

30/06/2010  Dunstanburgh Castle photographs added

29/06/2010  Pictures of Dryburgh Abbey added

13/06/2010  Clifton Hall, Longhoughton Observatory and Little Swinburne Tower pictures added

10/06/2010  Brougham Castle photographs uploaded

09/06/2010  Today's new castle is Beaufront Castle

08/06/2010  New page: Belsay Castle

07/06/2010  Added photos of Dilston Castle

06/06/2010  Brinkburn Priory photos added

05/06/2010  Pictures of Halton Castle , Haggerston Castle and Chipchase Castle added

04/06/2010  Aydon Castle pictures added

03/06/2010  Pictures of a reconstructed Romano-British roundhouse at Brigantium

02/06/2010  Today's new castle is Chillingham Castle

01/06/2010  Pictures of Castle Acre Priory and Castle added. (Please note that some links in the photogallery sections are not currently working. I have a lot of new pictures to add, and I am working through them.)

30/05/2010  Added photos of  Denbigh Castle

29/05/2010  Pictures of Walsingham Abbey added

14/05/2010  Photographs of Valle Crucis Abbey uploaded

22/04/2010  Instructions for how to make a Cube of Force

13/03/2010  Pictures of Chirk Castle added

09/03/2010  Instructions for adding a "Kawoosh" to your Stargate model

05/03/2010  Photographs of Powis Castle added

01/03/2010  Pictures of Ravenglass Roman Baths uploaded

28/02/2010  Treasures & Trinkets page now translated into Russian

27/02/2010  New page  - Interactive Map - Historic Sites of Britain (replaced 28/8/2014 by regional maps)

25/02/2010  Pictures of Flint Castle uploaded

23/02/2010  Photographs of Craigmillar Castle added

21/02/2010  Clifford's Tower added to castles page

18/02/2010  Pictures of Rhuddlan Castle added to photo gallery

13/02/2010  How to make damaged areas on plastered walls

11/02/2010  New instructions for plastering walls

03/02/2010  Pictures of Dirleton Castle uploaded

02/02/2010  Borthwick Castle pictures added to photo gallery

31/01/2010  Photos of Tantallon Castle added

30/01/2010  Additions and Adornments page now translated into Russian

29/01/2010  Hailes Castle photographs uploaded

28/01/2010  Images of Crichton Castle added to photo gallery

18/01/2010  Photos of Scarborough Castle added

14/01/2010  More heraldic charges added to several pages, and a new page: Patterns and Colouring

10/01/2010  New heraldry page added, showing weapons as charges.

06/01/2010  Egremont Castle pictures added to photo gallery.

02/01/2010  Images of Criccieth Castle posted in photo gallery.

31/11/2009  German and Russian translations are in progress - so far the index page is done in both languages.

14/11/2009  How to add a Drowned Body to a swamp base

09/11/2009  Instructions for creating Bull-rushes (Cattails)

08/11/2009  How to make Semi-submerged Rocks

05/11/2009  Instructions for making Water Lilies

18/10/2009  Dead Marshes swamp base pictures added to Miniatures page.

08/10/2009  Video tutorial of my black marble technique

30/09/2009  Added a Directory of Miniature Manufacturers

15/09/2009  How to paint Random Fieldstone added to Tricks & Tips

03/09/2009  War*Mart model pictures added

19/08/2009  New page added for Furness Abbey

15/08/2009  Added photographs of Penrith Castle

02/08/2009  Pictures of Carlisle Castle added

01/08/2009  Two new heraldry pages: eagles and floral charges, and some new charges added to lions and crosses

26/07/2009  Making Flat Floors upside down on a sheet of glass.

19/07/2009  Photography tutorial added

13/07/2009  Page added for Basingwerk Abbey

12/07/2009  New pics of Caernarvon Castle  and Tremadog Church added, and new page added for Harlech Castle

20/06/2009  New heraldry page added: Orientation and Arrangement of Charges

19/06/2009  Instructions for making cabbages added to Clay Creations

18/06/2009  Images of Castle Rising added to the Castles page

15/06/2009  A Forum feature has been set up for feedback, comments and discussion.

12/06/2009  Photo Gallery split into categories. Pictures of three new places added: Blickling Hall, Castle Howard & Lavenham

11/06/2009  Abaroth's World has a new home, with lots more room to grow.

09/06/2009  More heraldic charges added: Geometric and Astronomical

07/06/2009  A new section added: Heraldry

26/05/2009  Instructions for making corn-on-the-cob in Clay Creations

19/05/2009  How to make topiary trees added to Flowers and Foliage page

18/05/2009  Making simple hedges from pan scourers in Flowers and Foliage

16/05/2009  Inkjet printed tapestries added to Additions and Adornments, pics added to Miniatures.

01/05/2009  Making oranges in Clay Creations

30/04/2009  How to make clay pumpkins in Clay Creations

29/04/2009  How to colourize white Fimo modelling clay add to a new page: Clay Creations

23/04/2009  Making goblets from a dolls house tea set in Trinkets and Treasures

26/02/2009  How to make Spiders' Webs added to Additions and Adornments

25/02/2009  Triple drinking fountain added to the Water page.

20/02/2009  A new page, Basic Brushwork, added to the Tricks and Tips section

05/02/2009  How to make Slime Slugs added to the Monsters & Minis page

02/02/2009  New model added to the Optical Illusions page

31/01/2009  Images of Caernarvon added to the Photo Gallery

24/12/2008  Four new minis added to Miniatures page

02/12/2008  Egyptian Dice Roller added to the buildings page.

30/11/2008  Alchemist's shop, The X Phials, added to buildings page.

23/11/2008  How to make Removable Signs for shops or other buildings added to Additions & Adornments

11/11/2008  I created an Optical Illusions page for my growing collection of illusion models

08/11/2008  Photos of Audley End House added to the Photo Gallery

25/10/2008  How to make Metal Rings for door handles or curtain rings

21/10/2008  A few ideas for dealing with air-bubbles added to a new page - Perfecting Plaster

08/10/2008  An introduction to Colour Theory added to Tutorials.

04/10/2008  Ice Pond instructions completed, finished model added to Water page.

02/09/2008  Belvedere model added to the Terrain Models Buildings page.

05/08/2008  Rust effects painting guide posted.

28/07/2008  Building better models part 2 - how to achieve more natural looking effects.

23/07/2008  How to paint Honey Marble added to Painting & Patterns.

09/07/2008  Wiring diagram for LEDs added to the Stargate page.

03/07/2008  Pictures of Beaumaris Castle added to Photo Gallery

02/07/2008  Finished new layout for all the photo galleries, and added information about the pictures.

29/06/2008  New layout for all the Terrain Models pages. Removed the slideshow feature, as it was causing problems for some people. Added the Stargate model to the Buildings page. I will be changing the format of all pages in the photo gallery soon.

10/04/2008  Step-by-step instructions for making the Ice Pond model added to the new Concepts to Completion page.

05/04/2008  Making bottles from beads added to Treasure & Trinkets page.

12/03/2008  New image added to Miniatures page.

19/02/2008  Verdigris painting instructions added to Painting & Patterns.

15/02/2008  A fresh look for Tricks & Tips - page now split into different categories.

12/02/2008  New Tricks & Tips entry - Open Books

10/02/2008  Making a selection of movable Grave markers in Tricks and Tips

22/01/2008  How to make Closed Books added to Tricks and Tips.

19/01/2008  Adding texture to smooth surfaces using "Stone Touch" spray from plasti-kote.

05/01/2008  How to make Scrolls posted in Tricks & Tips.

04/01/2008  Added Green Granite painting guide to Tricks & Tips.

16/12/2007  Making Treasure Piles using glitter and hot-melt glue. Original post by Rastl - used by kind permission.

06/12/2007  How to paint Red Marble  added to Tricks & Tips.

29/11/2007  Custom Egyptian gods & goddesses.

23/11/2007  New custom Celtic tiles.

16/10/2007  Dragon Hoard completed.

10/10/2007  Photo Gallery - Huntly Castle pictures added.

29/09/2007  WIP of large dragon and hoard in Miniatures page

22/09/2007  Pictures of Orford Castle & Church added to Photo Gallery

15/09/2007  How to "freeze-dry" Birch Catkin Leaves in Tricks & Tips

11/09/2007  The Temple of Tears and The House of Munchkin added to buildings page

09/09/2007  Pictures of thatched cottages and church at Finchingfield added

29/08/2007  Castle Hedingham photos added

22/08/2007  How to make Vines in Tricks & Tips

18/08/2007  All picture pages changed to slide show format

16/08/2007  How to make Ivy in Tricks & Tips

16/08/2007  Pictures of Framlingham Castle & Church added to Photo Gallery

04/08/2007  Miniatures page changed to slide show

01/08/2007  New pics added to Custom Bits & Blocks page

29/07/2007  Custom Bits & Blocks page

23/07/2007  Photos of Aberdeen in Photo Gallery