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Garden Diary 2019

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04/02/2019 Sowed onions, Ailsa Craig & Exhibition, shallots Matador and leeks Musselburgh in heated propagator.
10/02/2019 Alliums germinated other than Shallots.
12/02/2019 Put some compost in the top greenhouse and some in trays in the house to warm up.
15/02/2019 Moved alliums to unheated propagator. Sowed peppers, Romano and Colour Spectrum, and chillies Masquerade and Jalapeno in heated propagator. Fixed plastic mesh to two raised planters and tidied up in the top greenhouse.
16/02/2019 Sowed tomatoes, Tumbling Tom, Roma, Alicante, Ailsa Craig, Gigantomo, Yellow Delight and Red Cherry. Placed in unheated propagator in the window.
17/02/2019 Dug out the rest of the soil from the old raised bed. Half-filled three large pots with topsoil for Jacqui's trees. Watered the grapevine. Harvested the first pot of parsnips from last year, and had them roasted for dinner. Harvested the ginger from last year - not worth growing again.
18/02/2019 Removed the damaged polythene from the east end of the polytunnel.
19/02/2019 Planted the chitted seed potatoes in pots of compost. Sowed more shallots Matador and celery Crystal in an unheated propagator in the house. Stapled heavy-duty weed matting inside two raised planters.
23/02/2019 Most of the tomatoes and peppers have germinated. Sowed cauliflower Igloo and Cheesy, cabbage Greyhound and Golden Acre, Brussels sprouts Cascade, beetroot Boltardy and Mixed and strawberries Golden Alexandria in unheated propagators indoors. Pricked out onions Exhibition and potted them into 7cm pots.
24/02/2019 Replaced the damaged polythene on the roof of the polytunnel.
25/02/2019 Pricked out onions Ailsa Craig and leeks Musselburgh into 7cm pots. Transplanted tomatoes from cell tray into 4" pots. Sowed more tomatoes Roma and Yellow Delight, and chillies Habenero, Kung Pao, Orange Wonder and Bird's Eye in unheated propagator indoors.
26/02/2019 Made some panels for the new compost heap using some reclaimed timber.
27/02/2019 Treated the wooden panels.
28/02/2019 Stapled weed-mat to compost bin panels.
04/03/2019 Removed all carpets from Plot 3 and some from Motivate. Sowed dill and garlic chives in pots indoors. Sowed more chillies Masquerade, Cayenne, Cheyenne, Apache and Hot Banana in a cell tray placed in the heated propagator. Watered all seedlings.
06/03/2019 Re-hung the polytunnel door at Motivate. Lined the first of the polytunnel beds with plastic panels and filled it with soil, emptying another bed.


08/03/2019 Bought a pear tree and a cherry tree from Poundstretcher for £ 4.99 each, and three chilli supports for £ 1 each.
18/03/2019 Took the fruit trees, two large tubs and soil/compost to Plot 3 and planted them. Fitted a couple more tool-hooks in the shed.
20/03/2019 Fitted the new thermometer to the shed on Plot 3. Fastened the fruit trees to the stakes with Velcro strip. Fitted more plastic panels in the polytunnel beds at Motivate.
21/03/2019 Finished lining the left-hand bed in the polytunnel at Motivate with plastic panels. Dug out the far end of the right-hand bed and left the wood to dry out.
23/03/2019 Sowed more cauliflower Igloo and Cheesy, cabbage Greyhound and Golden Acre, beetroot Mixed and celeriac Giant Prague. Laid slabs for the base of the first compost bay. Removed another panel from the old compost heap to make the fourth side, and coated it with creosote. Got more bags of chippings £ 2.52 each, and a petrol strimmer £ 40 from B&Q.
24/03/2019 Fixed weed mat liner to the final panel of the compost bay. Made a cover using the old waterproof sheeting and weed mat to exclude light. Spread chippings and sand over the rest of the bottom of the old raised bed. Used the two side panels and some of the new paving slabs to make a solid base. Treated one of the wooden compost bins from B&Q with creosote. Slotted it together and fixed a leg at each corner to strengthen them. Added an old 1 tonne bag as a liner.
25/03/2019 Weeded in the fruit-cage. Dug up seven raspberry runners and potted them on for Motivate. Spread mulch over the front half of the bed. Dug up five gooseberry runners, replanted the largest and potted up the others for Motivate. Dug up four currant plants and potted them on for Motivate. Planted six strawberry seedlings into two hanging baskets. Put the strawberry runners into two crates for Plot 3. Cleaned off the potting bench. Tidied and swept the top side of the polytunnel.
26/03/2019 Took all the plants to the allotments. Planted three blueberry bushes in bed B7 and covered the bed with weed mat. Transplanted the gooseberries from pots to bed B6 and covered the bed with weed mat. Weeded the currant bushes in bed B5 and covered the bed with weed mat. Weeded beds B5 and B8. Added vine-eyes to the cage on B8 and threaded washing line through to tie the plants away from the mesh. Planted 11 strawberries in the first of the two flat raised planters, and covered the bed with weed mat. Took all the pop-up bags for the potatoes and left them in the shed.
27/03/2019 Finished lining the beds in the polytunnel at Motivate, and refilled them with soil. Planted six raspberries alongside support canes. Farah planted the two sage plants in the herb bed.
28/03/2019 Planted onion sets in plastic cups and module trays at Motivate. Dug the grass and weeds from beside the polytunnel. Put a barrow-load of gravel/hard-core into the pothole in the drive and cleared the drain.
30/03/2019 Emptied the rotary composter into the middle bay. Mowed the lawns and put the clippings into the rotary composter along with a bucket of last year's used compost.
31/03/2019 Planted the other strawberries in the second raised planter on Plot 3. Weeded and covered bed B4 with weed mat. Lifted the weed mat over the ground on bed A3. Covered bed A1 with black plastic. Watered in the polytunnel at Motivate. Covered one of the empty beds with black plastic.


01/04/2019 Got a new gooseberry Hinnonmaki Yellow, kiwi fruit Issai and Japanese wineberry for £ 2 each from Morrisons, along with 9 trays of petunias, lobelias and geraniums. Planted the gooseberry in the ground with the other gooseberries. Planted the kiwi fruit in a large pot in the polytunnel in a mixture of Jack's Magic compost and vermiculite. Fertilised and watered. Filled a can with unleaded petrol and bought a bottle of 2-stroke oil for the strimmer. Took two more containers of compost up to Plot 3 and part-filled 8 of the potato sacks. Paid the rent for the year.
03/04/2019 Watered in the polytunnel at Motivate. Lots of the seeds have germinated including the first three pumpkins. Dug seven barrow-loads of gravel/hard-core and repaired several more small potholes in the drive and the big one at the far corner.
06/04/2019 Cleared the south side of the polytunnel. Fitted three rows of vine-eyes and strung support wires to train the kiwi fruit. Rebuilt the potting bench. Took three more crates of compost to Plot 3. Dug out weeds and rebuilt raised bed A3. Moved three flags to make a rough path between beds A2 and A3. Weeded bed A2 and sowed two short rows of beetroot and two of turnips. Covered the seeds with a cloche. Watered in the polytunnel at Motivate.
07/04/2019 Took 24 potatoes to Plot 3 and planted them in the pop-up bags, covering them with the compost from the crates. Removed the covering, weeded and cultivated bed A5. Planted out 19 beetroot Mixed and 7 beetroot Boltardy and surrounded them with pop-bottle wind breaks. Watered in the potatoes and beetroot. Cropped some of the rhubarb from bed B2 - 5 sticks weighing 400g. Removed all the panel pins from the raised beds.
08/04/2019 Went to Morrisons at Nelson and got trays of 20 Dahlias, Antirhinums, Marigolds and Verbenas for £ 3 each, 8 Lobelias x 2, for £ 1 each and 3 Surfinias x 3, for £ 2.78 each. Went on to Boundary Mill and bought 18 gladioli bulbs for £ 4. Planted the wineberry in a tub and placed it in the polytunnel. Planted 15 Shallots Red Sun in 4" pots, and 4 in a 10 litre bucket with a pop-bottle windbreak. Filled three recycling crates with spent onion compost from last year. Planted two chitted potatoes Melody in 2 x 10 litre buckets. Placed 5 bags of compost in the middle greenhouse to warm up. Cleared the compost from the last of the raised planters.
09/04/2019 Took the crates of compost to Plot 3, and part-filled another 6 potato sacks. Strimmed most of the plot. Watered beetroot, strawberries and blueberries. Helped Michelle clear plastic, carpet, gravel, wood and some flags from Plot 5. Bought 15m x 2.4mm strimmer line £ 1.50 and two aquilegia Barlow Black £ 2 from Wilkos. Planted the aquilegias in tall 5" pots. Went to Morrisons Great Harwood after dinner and got more basket plants: 20 antirhinums, 20 verbenas @ £ 3, 8 x 4 trailing geraniums @ £ 2, 12 x salvia @ £ 3, 12 x impatiens @ £ 3, 3 x 6 fuchsias @£ 2, 6 bush geraniums @ £ 2. Went on to Read Garden Centre and bought 9 x bacopa and 5 x trailing petunias for £ 20.
10/04/2019 Filled another 3 recycling crates with old compost. Planted potatoes in the six part-filled sacks on Plot 3, and added more compost to each. Dropped off stuff on Motivate. Returned after tea and planted the gladioli in two of the raised planters and fertilised all the potato sacks. Lit the paraffin heater in the top greenhouse.
11/04/2019 Sowed lavender and candytuft seeds in trays indoors. Sowed 19 radish French Breakfast 3 in a 10 litre pot in the middle greenhouse. Took another crate of compost to Plot 3, filled the two raided planters and planted the four aubrietias. Watered everything. Went down to Motivate. Separated out a load of the germinated radish and planted them out in a raised bed, watered them in and covered them with a cloche. Sowed some old celery, parsley, coriander and chive seeds in cell trays and pots. Dug over the garlic bed from last year ready for some of the broccoli seedlings.
12/04/2019 Sowed cucumber Burpless, Telegragh Improved and Socrates, squash Metro and Hurricane, courgette Nano Verde di Milano and All Green Bush, pumpkin Jack o' Lantern. Placed in trays with propagator lids on the living room windowsill. Planted the last potato Anya in a 10 litre pot. Filled 3 recycling crates with soil from the old raised bed. Mowed the lawns and put the trimmings in the rotary composter along with a torn up newspaper. Edged all the lawns.
13/04/2019 Took the crates of soil to Plot 3 and continued to fill bed A3. Fitted a large tool hook in the shed, and dropped off 24 pop-bottle windbreaks. Filled the 4 raised planters in the middle greenhouse and 23 large pots with fresh compost ready for chilli & tomato plants.
14/04/2019 Filled four recycling crates with soil. Filled all the tomato root-grower pots and all the raised planters in the polytunnel with fresh compost. Took the crates to Plot 3 and continued to fill bed A3. Came back and refilled the crates with spent tomato compost. Returned to Plot 3 and emptied the crates into bed A3. Removed the cover from bed A8, cultivated and hoed in readiness for planting out alliums. Watered the beetroot.
16/04/2019 Potted on tomatoes, chillies and sweet peppers from cell trays and put them in the top greenhouse. Planted out 6 onions Exhibition in 10 litre pots in the middle greenhouse.
17/04/2019 Planted out onions Ailsa Craig & Exhibition, leeks Musselburgh and shallots Red Sun in bed A8 at Plot 3. Fitted and staked pop-bottle windbreaks. Removed the gutters and loose nails from the shed roof at Motivate in preparation for re-felting tomorrow. Planted out beetroot and the remainder of the radishes in a raised bed. Planted out broccoli and cabbage seedlings in another. Took the rest of the seedlings and the racks out of the dining room and put them in the top greenhouse. Tidied up and re-arranged plants to make it as easy as possible for the neighbours to water.
18/04/2019 Sowed peas Canoe & Kelvedon Wonder, and sweetcorn Amaize & Golden Bantam in empty plastic containers on wet kitchen towel. Placed these on the front windowsill. Sowed 18 runner beans Enorma in the tub by the kitchen window. Watered everything in the greenhouse & polytunnel. Placed the pots of potatoes and shallots outside, along with the Fuchsia cuttings from last year. Filled all the watering cans and left them in the top greenhouse. Watered all the plants on Plot 3. Fitted new felt on the shed roof, and refitted the old fascia boards at Motivate. Sifted the new compost through the trommel. Moved the propagator cloches to the other side of the polytunnel. Planted out all the onions. Sowed sweetcorn in empty ice cream tubs on wet kitchen roll and placed them in the shed.
26/04/2019 Watered all plants in greenhouses. Potted on15 sweetcorn Amaize and 15 Golden Bantam into 3" pots. Potted on 40 peas Canoe into 4 x 10" pots. Potted on 5 cucumber Burpless, 4 cucumber Socrates, 3 cucumber Telegraph Improved and one pumpkin Jack o' Lantern in 4" pots.
28/04/2019 Planted 6 cordon tomatoes in the raised planters in the middle greenhouse. Planted 6 cordon and 6 Roma tomatoes in the raised planters in the polytunnel. Planted up 12 hanging baskets with flowers. Potted two tomatoes Red Cherry in root-grower pots. Potted on courgette Ambassador.
29/04/2019 Watered all plants in greenhouses and polytunnel. Planted up another 2 small and 4 large hanging baskets and the horse-trough with flowers. Cleared off the top section of paving by the top lawn and trimmed the hedge. Pruned the conifer and ivy around the archway. Mowed the lawns and put the trimmings in the rotary composter. Mended the handle of one of the pop-up bags. Sowed carrots Amsterdam 3 x 37, Nantes 5 x 30 and Flyaway x 30 in three tall 10" flower buckets.
30/04/2019 Watered in greenhouses and polytunnel. Planted 3 tomatoes Red Cherry and 3 peppers Colour Spectrum in the raised planter in the middle greenhouse. Went to the allotments and helped Michelle dig over an area of her plot. Checked up on Plot 3 and watered everything. Cropped 6 stems of rhubarb - 270g. Met Sophie and Craig, the new tenants on Plot 2. Planted the final 3 hanging baskets with flowers. Sowed sweet peas in two troughs for the drive. Bought a Honeyberry and a Gojiberry from Morrisons for £ 2 each. Drilled drainage holes and half-filled two large tubs for Jacqui.


01/05/2019 Filled two recycling crates with old compost. Bought timber for cloche bed covers from JAS Timber - £ 30 for timber to cover two large beds. Took the compost up to Plot 3 and earthed up the potato sacks. Cut the "umbilical cords" on the Thornless blackberry runners. Planted one of the blackberries at Motivate. Pegged out one of the cloches over the pumpkin plants and covered the radish and beetroot. Put the guttering back on the shed. Made a frame for the runner beans using the poles from the old pergola, supplied by Farah, and braced it with the plastic-coated washing line. Potted on the germinated sweetcorn into 3" pots.
02/05/2019 Watered. Planted the last 3 shallots and one onion Ailsa Craig in a ten litre pot. Went to Motivate. Made a framework of canes over the brassica bed and covered it with mesh. Planted another two rows of potatoes. Made two windbreaks from mesh fencing at the lower side of the bottom beds. Cut the timber to size for the bed covers, and cut joints at each end of the pieces.
03/05/2019 Watered. Cut short support poles to hold the hoops of the cloches in position. Drilled holes in the long lengths of the timber to hold the poles. Put the timber, hoops, poles, mesh and tools in the car along with a flat-pack wooden compost bin.
04/05/2019 Took all the pieces for the cloches up to Plot 3 in the morning. Screwed the frames together and fitted the hoops and mesh. Removed some weeds from the fruit cage. Went home for dinner, then returned with a tray of brassicas, 6 more potatoes Desiree and a recycling crate of compost. Planted the potatoes in the three small potato sacks. Fitted handles, hinges and chains to the cloches. Planted out 15 celeriac Giant Prague in bed A6. Sowed a half row of kohl rabi Green Delicacy and a half-row of chard Bright Lights in bed A6. Planted out cabbages 4 x Greyhound and 3 x Golden Acre in bed A5. Applied roll-on weedkiller to all the docks and dandelions around the edge of bed A6. Watered in greenhouses.

  Making hinged cloches for raised beds.

05/05/2019 Weeded the compost from 50 of the 10 litre pots from last year. Filled 3 recycling crates with compost. Took it to Plot 3 and earthed up the potatoes. Planted the cauliflower seedlings in bed A5. Fitted two more expanding trellis panels in the top fruit-cage, and tied in the blackberries and raspberries. Fitted another support wire in the lower fruit-cage and tied in the raspberries and currant. Filled the water barrels from the IBCs and watered. Fixed a polycarbonate panel in the shed window to allow more light in.
06/05/2019 Planted the germinated pea Kelvedon Wonder into 10 litre pots and sowed seeds in another two pots. Fixed the support canes and planted 16 runner beans Polestar in the tub on the drive. Reorganised the top greenhouse, removing the shelf and worktop from the south side. Put the raised planters in place, filled them with fresh compost and planted the rest of the cordon tomatoes. Planted another 3 tomatoes Roma and 3 chillies in the polytunnel. Put out six of the hanging baskets with flowers from the polytunnel. Planted six tomatoes Tumbling Tom into hanging baskets and hung them in the polytunnel. Weeded the three blackberry Cascade and transferred them into larger baskets with an aluminium pie dish as a water sump.
07/05/2019 Took three crates of the old compost up to Plot 3. Filled the last two raised planters and planted out the dwarf dahlias. Planted alyssums between the gladioli in the other planters. Strimmed and cleared the paths at the south side of the plot. Strimmed the top half of Plot 2. Treated the parts of the wooden compost bin. Watered. Mowed the lawns. Potted on two Brussels Sprouts Cascade.
08/05/2019 Took 3 Brussels Sprouts and 9 potatoes up to Motivate. Watered in the polytunnel. Covered the beds in the polytunnel with the plastic from old compost bags to suppress weeds and retain moisture. Planted out two chillies through the plastic. Sowed 18 runner beans and 18 broad beans in individual pots and placed them in the cloche. Potted on the rest of the germinated sweetcorn seeds and placed them in the cloche.
09/05/2019 Went to Motivate. Watered in the polytunnel. Planted out four tomatoes Roma in the polytunnel and added canes for support and watering bottles. Sowed another 12 runner beans. Potted on 24 pumpkins. Replaced the broken bracket on the shed guttering. Kathryn weeded the garlic beds. Planted a final row of potatoes. Removed the cloches from the radish and beetroot.
10/05/2019 Fixed the metal kneeler/seat. Tidied up in the top greenhouse.
11/05/2019 Hung the remaining hanging baskets of flowers in place. Potted three shallots Matador in a 10 litre pot. Removed the base from 6 plant buckets, and drilled holes in the rim to make light-excluders for the leeks. Made staples from wire to hold these in place. Went up to Plot 3. Watered and fertilised all the fruit trees and bushes. Planted the candy tuft seedlings in the raised planters with the gladioli. Placed two 10 litre pots containing Brussels Sprouts into Bed A5. Removed the covers from beds A3 and A4 and removed a few weeds from each bed. Planted out a courgette, a pumpkin and a butternut squash in bed A4 and put back the weed mat. Assembled the pea support frame in bed A2 and sowed a half row of peas Early Onward and a half row of peas Kelvedon Wonder at one end of the frame. Sowed two half rows of dwarf French beans Hilton at the other end of the frame. Planted out a full row of celery Crystal at the east side of the bed. Covered the whole bed with bird mesh. Filled 4 x 10 litre pots and sowed them with spicy mixed leaf, spinach, mixed lettuce and lollo rosso. Sowed squash Metro and Hurricane, cabbage Greyhound and Golden Acre and cauliflower Igloo and Cheesy in cell trays.

Candy Tuft planted

Dahlias flowering

Alliums growing

Bed A6

Bed A5

Bed A4

Bed A3

12/05/2019 Potted on all the peppers and chillies. Cleaned out the gutters on the polytunnel, and taped them back into position. Fixed the long canes in the planters in the polytunnel. Put watering bottles in the beds and Tumbling Toms. Refilled the bird feeders. Planted out some of the spare basket plants. Tidied up in the top greenhouse and polytunnel. Watered in the greenhouses and polytunnel, and all the hanging baskets.
13/05/2019 Watered on Plot 3 and in the polytunnel at Motivate. Cropped three stalks of rhubarb, 120g. Went to B&Q and bought pipe clips for the wide-bore irrigation pipe. Also bought 5 packs of pond mesh on clearance. Installed the new pipe down the garage and the fence line to the greenhouses. Put new batteries in the timer unit and set it. Checked all the drippers and pegged the lines into the hanging baskets. Watered all the plants in the greenhouses and polytunnel. Treated all the lawns with Vitax "Green Up" weed and feed. Fitted the greenhouse shading to the top two greenhouses.
14/05/2019 Went to Read Garden Centre and bought one cucumber, one melon, one blackcurrant sage and one lithodora Blue Star.
15/05/2019 Planted the lithodora in the sink by the wall. Potted the blackcurrant sage in a 10 litre pot into a 50/50 mix of compost and sharp sand. Watered all the veg beds and potato sacks on Plot 3. Watered in the polytunnel on Motivate. Farah filled the water butts and watered the outdoor beds. Removed the cover from the pea and bean bed to find very few weeds other than about a dozen potatoes, which we dug out. Made two rows of canes along the gazebo support frame, and three small wigwams of canes. Sowed a row of peas alongside the netting "fence". Sowed one runner bean Scarlet Emperor seed per cane along both sides of the canes. Sowed 2 broad bean Aguadulce seeds per cane alongside the canes of the wigwams. Sowed a row of spring onions White Lisbon in the space by the garlic in the allium bed. Matt removed the cloches, weeded and planted out another 4 pumpkin plants along the middle bank. Repositioned the weed mat alongside the raspberries.

Gladioli beds

Dahlia bed

Bed A8 - Alliums

Bed A6

Bed A5

Bed A4

Bed A3



16/05/2019 Planted out the cucumber and melon from Read G.C. in the polytunnel. Watered the hanging baskets with tomatoes, blackberries and strawberries. Watered all the flowers and veg beds on Plot 3. Cropped the first batch of radishes. Watered in the polytunnel and all the seeds on Motivate. Cropped the radishes there, too. Deep dug the bed and planted a row of carrots. Removed half the weed mat from the next bed. Forked over the soil and removed a few horsetails. Planted 4 rows of sweetcorn Incredible and watered in. Kathryn strimmed the middle bank, which we then covered in black plastic. Removed the weed mat from the bottom bank, forked over the soil and weeded ready to sow seeds

Radishes pre-harvesting

Pea & bean bed - before

Pea & bean bed - after

Allium Bed

Sweetcorn Bed - uncovered

Sweetcorn Bed -after planting

 Middle bank strimmed

Bottom bank uncovered

Bottom bank after

17/05/2019 Took two more crates of old compost up to Plot 3. Removed the cover from Bed A7, dug out the couch grass and horsetails and added the compost in readiness for planting out the sweetcorn. Strimmed the top of the plot around the shed and some of the top of Plot 2.

Bed A7 cover removed

Weeded and compost added

The jungle by the shed.

That's better!

The top of Plot 2 strimmed

Behind the shed strimmed

18/05/2019 Took 4 of the old stone roof slates to Plot 3. Screwed the corner posts to the compost bin. Fitted three more cheap trellis panels in the fruit cage. Removed the cover from Bed B1, weeded and sowed a row of spring onions Ishikura and spinach beets. Planted out the sweetcorn in Bed A7, 10 x Golden Bantam and 6 x Amaize. Watered all seeds and seedlings.

Fruit cage before

Fruit cage after

Bed B1 before

Bed B1 weeded


Sweetcorn planted

The pear tree awakening

19/05/2019 Cropped 33 chillies, Chilli Billy @ 40g. Started pruning the crabapple and cherry in the front garden and shredded the prunings. Both trees are beneath the telephone lines and have to be pruned annually.

Crabapple before

Crabapple after

Cherry before

Cherry after

20/05/2019 Watered in the polytunnel and the seedlings on Motivate. Watered everything on Plot 3, adding liquid feed to the fruit and flowers. Put weed mat on a patch of ground by the shed for the compost bins. Weeded the alliums and brassica beds. Planted 3 potato Manitou in double 10 litre buckets. Sowed 19 radish Icicle in a 10 litre pot. Sowed 30 carrots Flyaway in a 10 litre pot. Sowed two 4 litre pots with mixed lettuce. Sowed small pots with herbs coriander, dill, garlic chives, lemon balm, oregano, parsley, purple basil. Watered all tomatoes, chillies etc in the greenhouses and polytunnel. Watered the hanging baskets with blackberries & strawberries. Applied spray weedkiller to the weeds in the lawns.
21/05/2019 Replaced the dripper on the basket on the garage. Emptied the black composter and put the contents into the middle bay. Potted on the two squash Metro. Planted the cucumbers into the planter in the polytunnel. Tied up the drooping branch on the redcurrant in the fruit cage. Made a windmill from empty plastic bottles and kebab skewers. Took the windmill to Plot 3. Watered all the flowers and veg. Watered in the polytunnel and the seedlings on Motivate. Dropped off the wooden door on Irene's plot, fixed her steps and hammered in some replacement wooden stakes to the windbreak by her patio. Sharpened Motivate's axe. Removed the sideshoots on the tomatoes in the top greenhouse.
22/05/2019 Watered in polytunnel and greenhouses. Watered all the flowers and veg on Plot 3. Fixed the windmill to the bottom fruit cage. Went down to Motivate. Returned the saw, axe and rake. Filled the water butts. Watered in the polytunnel and the seedlings. Planted out a chilli Jalapeno. Sowed another row of carrots, a second row of peas and more radishes. Raked over the bottom bank and sowed a mix of flowers to attract wildlife. Removed the cover from the rest of the sweetcorn bed and removed the horsetails. Pegged out the two cloches at the end of the bed and transferred all the outdoor seedling to harden off.

Carrots and radishes sown

Another row of peas

Bank with flower seeds sown.

The cloches moved outside,

along with the plants.

23/05/2019 Sowed another 20 cauliflower seeds 10 Igloo and 10 Cheesy in a cell tray. Left it outside, covered with a crate to keep birds off. Chopped some more old canes to make extra tubes in the bee house. Put three broken paving flags in the car. Watered all the veg on Plot 3. Took my trommel down to Jay and showed him how to work it. Put the flagstones on Motivate, completing a second row of stepping stones in the sweetcorn bed. Planted out the rest of the sweetcorn seedlings. Sowed a second row of spring onions. Watered everything in the polytunnel, cloches and beds.
24/05/2019 Watered in greenhouses and polytunnel, plus blackberries and strawberries in hanging baskets. Fixed the pipe to the water butt on the top greenhouse and filled the butt with water. Mowed the lawns and put the clippings in the brown bin. 25/05/2019 Took 5 cuttings off the Blackberry Sage plant and stood them on the front windowsill. Watered everything and fertilised the fruit on Plot 3. Pruned the willow tree by the shed. Earthed up the potatoes where needed. Watered in the polytunnel, cloches and all the seeds & seedlings.
25/05/2019 Took 5 cuttings off the Blackberry Sage plant and stood them on the front windowsill. Watered everything and fertilised the fruit on Plot 3. Pruned the willow tree by the shed. Earthed up the potatoes where needed. Watered in the polytunnel, cloches and all the seeds & seedlings.

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