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Garden Diary 2019


04/02/2019 Sowed onions, Ailsa Craig & Exhibition, shallots Matador and leeks Musselburgh in heated propagator.
10/02/2019 Alliums germinated other than Shallots.
12/02/2019 Put some compost in the top greenhouse and some in trays in the house to warm up.
15/02/2019 Moved alliums to unheated propagator. Sowed peppers, Romano and Colour Spectrum, and chillies Masquerade and Jalapeno in heated propagator. Fixed plastic mesh to two raised planters and tidied up in the top greenhouse.
16/02/2019 Sowed tomatoes, Tumbling Tom, Roma, Alicante, Ailsa Craig, Gigantomo, Yellow Delight and Red Cherry. Placed in unheated propagator in the window.
17/02/2019 Dug out the rest of the soil from the old raised bed. Half-filled three large pots with topsoil for Jacqui's trees. Watered the grapevine. Harvested the first pot of parsnips from last year, and had them roasted for dinner. Harvested the ginger from last year not worth growing again.
18/02/2019 Removed the damaged polythene from the east end of the polytunnel.
19/02/2019 Planted the chitted seed potatoes in pots of compost. Sowed more shallots Matador and celery Crystal in an unheated propagator in the house. Stapled heavy-duty weed matting inside two raised planters.
23/02/2019 Most of the tomatoes and peppers have germinated. Sowed cauliflower Igloo and Cheesy, cabbage Greyhound and Golden Acre, Brussels sprouts Cascade, beetroot Boltardy and Mixed and strawberries Golden Alexandria in unheated propagators indoors. Pricked out onions Exhibition and potted them into 7cm pots.
24/02/2019 Replaced the damaged polythene on the roof of the polytunnel.
25/02/2019 Pricked out onions Ailsa Craig and leeks Musselburgh into 7cm pots. Transplanted tomatoes from cell tray into 4 pots. Sowed more tomatoes Roma and Yellow Delight, and chillies Habenero, Kung Pao, Orange Wonder and Bird's Eye in unheated propagator indoors.
26/02/2019 Made some panels for the new compost heap using some reclaimed timber.
27/02/2019 Treated the wooden panels.
28/02/2019 Stapled weed-mat to compost bin panels.
04/03/2019 Removed all carpets from Plot 3 and some from Motivate. Sowed dill and garlic chives in pots indoors. Sowed more chillies Masquerade, Cayenne, Cheyenne, Apache and Hot Banana in a cell tray placed in the heated propagator. Watered all seedlings.
06/03/2019 Re-hung the polytunnel door at Motivate. Lined the first of the polytunnel beds with plastic panels and filled it with soil, emptying another bed.
08/03/2019 Bought a pear tree and a cherry tree from Poundstretcher for 4.99 each, and three chilli supports for 1 each.
18/03/2019 Took the fruit trees, two large tubs and soil/compost to Plot 3 and planted them. Fitted a couple more tool-hooks in the shed.
20/03/2019 Fitted the new thermometer to the shed on Plot 3. Fastened the fruit trees to the stakes with Velcro strip. Fitted more plastic panels in the polytunnel beds at Motivate.
21/03/2019 Finished lining the left-hand bed in the polytunnel at Motivate with plastic panels. Dug out the far end of the right-hand bed and left the wood to dry out.
23/03/2019  Sowed more cauliflower Igloo and Cheesy, cabbage Greyhound and Golden Acre, beetroot Mixed and celeriac Giant Prague. Laid slabs for the base of the first compost bay. Removed another panel from the old compost heap to make the fourth side, and coated it with creosote. Got more bags of chippings 2.52 each, and a petrol strimmer 40 from B&Q.



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