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Making a Removable Cloche Cover

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     This is a polythene cover for a cold-frame bed. I wanted it to be versatile and removable.


Materials & Tools

Heavy-duty Polythene Sheeting,
Eyelets, Waterproof thread,


Sewing machine
Hole punch / Eyelet setter
Drill / Scewdriver

Step 1

Measure the length of the bed, and the distance around the hoops. Make templates for the end panels - we used some old bed sheets to make a working pattern.

Step 2

Once satisfied with the fit, take the template apart, and cut each panel from polythene. Be sure to leave enough extra material for seams.

Step 3

I had a couple of mini-greenhouse covers laying around, and we used these to create the end panels, so that the finished cover could have the doors opened for ventilation.

Step 4

Clip one end panel in place, mark the position, and sew it to the curved roof panel.


Step 5

Fit the cover over the cloche. Clip the other end panel in place. Trim any excess material if needed, leaving enough for the seams.


Step 6

Sew the second end panel to the roof panel. Fit the cover again, and mark the position of the seams at the front and back of the roof panel. Sew these seams, leaving a double-thick layer to attach the cover - the seam should be wide enough to fit eyelets.


Step 7

Mark the position of any holes, punch holes and secure eyelets in position. The eyelets will help to prevent the plastic splitting.



Step 8

These ones were for a handle.

Step 9

Punch more holes around the bottom of the cover, fit eyelets and screw to the wooden frame.

Step 10

We left the end panels longer than needed, to save having to adjust the door zips.



Example 1

The two doors can be opened for ventilation and temperature regulation, or closed to retain as much heat as possible.

Example 2

The cloche is on hinges, and can be easily opened for access.

Example 3

The cover is removable, leaving a mesh cover to exclude birds. This will allow me to use the bed to grow bags of potatoes when I no longer need the cold-frame.

Step-by-step instructions for constructing the cloche structure: Hinged Cloches

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