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Brick Walls

Sandstone Walls

Wood Walls or Floorboards

Brick Wall #1

Sandstone Wall #1

Wooden Wall #1

Brick Wall #2

Sandstone Wall #2

Wooden Wall #2

Brick Wall #3

Sandstone Wall #3

Wooden Wall #3

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Slate Roof #1

Shingle Roof #1

Pantile Roof #1

Slate Roof #2

Shingle Roof #2

Clay Tile Roof #1


Shingle Roof #3

Brick Floors Fat Dragon 3D Printed Walls Stone Floors

Brick Floor #1

Warm Grey Colours

Cracked Floor

Brick Floor #2

Cool Grey Colours




Instructions for using the random images

  The images generated by the links above are designed to provide reference or inspiration for painting more realistic models. They can be used as precise colour guides, or to suggest which areas of the model should be tinted lighter or darker. Another option is to select only the lightest or darkest portions of an image, and paint the corresponding areas of your model in a completely different colour. If your wall or roof is larger than the  image, simply finish one section then generate a new image for the next section.



This is a section of wall generated by the Sandstone #1 page. Using the random image as a guide, I used four slightly different washes on this wall, leaving the lightest blocks the original colour.

This image was made by the Brick Wall #2 generator. On a basecoat of terracotta, I painted thin layers of a burnt sienna, and a mix of burnt sienna & black. Different shades were achieved by adding a second coat in places.
Random pattern from Brick Floor #1. Terracotta basecoat with the darker bricks given a burnt sienna wash. Next I stippled a mix of brown & black, and finally applied a thin wash of the same colour in places.