Tasty dishes and preserves using home grown produce.

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Pectin & Acidity Chart


Soups Mains & Sides Desserts Preserves
Spring Onion Cheesy Veg Bake  

Black & Blue Jam

Tomato, Carrot & Pepper Grandma's Savoury Pudding  

Blackcurrant & Blackberry Jam


Bluecurrant Jam


Brambley Jam


Chilli Jam


Crabapple Chilli Jelly


Four Fruits Jam


Garlic Chilli Jelly


Gherkin Goo Chutney


Hedgerow Jam


Hot Chilli Sauce


R & B Jam


Redcurrant & Raspberry Jam


Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam


Sage & Onion Jelly


Spicy Bean Chutney


Straspberry Jam


Straspcurrant Jam


Sweetcorn Cabbage Chutney

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