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Printing Leaded Glass

Print a variety of leaded glass panels in 16 styles.

Cracked Glass

Making damaged window panes with cracks. 


Printing Leaded Glass (Click thumbnails for larger images)

Materials & Equipment

Acetate sheet suitable for printing (be sure to get the right type for your printer)

Inkjet or laser printer

Stage 1

Visit the Glass page to generate randomised images, and follow the instructions to print them


This example shows a window with a printed bullseye design.

Example 2

Another window printed on acetate with a diamond leading pattern


Cracked Glass (Click thumbnails for larger images)

Materials & Equipment

Clear plastic sheet (blister pack)

Craft knife

White acrylic paint

Small paintbrush

Stage 1

Using the point of a sharp craft knife, scratch a pattern of cracks into the surface of the plastic sheet. If you like you can draw out the design on paper first and then scratch over the lines.

Stage 2

Paint the scratched area with the white acrylic paint. Be sure to get paint into all the cracks you made, and don't worry about any paint that goes outside the lines.


Stage 3

Allow the paint to dry, then scrape off the excess. I used my fingernail but you could use some kind of tool if you prefer - but be careful that it doesn't scratch the plastic.


Stage 4

Cut the plastic sheet to size to fit into your window frame.


Stage 5

Cut a small hole in the centre of the damage if you want to add a little variation.



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