Roche Abbey

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Approaching the Great Gatehouse from the north.
The vaulted roof of the Gatehouse Porch.
Looking east in the Gatehouse Porch.
Looking east in the Inner Gate-Hall.
The Great Gatehouse seen from the south-west.
The south side of the Great Gatehouse.
Looking east from the Visitor Centre to the standing remains of the abbey church transepts.
View across the corner of the cloister.
The Maltby Dyke provided the water supply to the abbey.
The church transepts seen from the south-west from the Lay Brother's Refectory.
View from the cloister.
The south wall of the Lay Brother's Refectory.
Bridge over the Maltby Dyke with the main Refectory building above.
Part of the vaulting over the dyke has collapsed in the Refectory.
Looking east along the dyke from the Refectory.
The east end of the church seen from the Refectory.
Looking north from the monks' Day Room.
Large fireplace lined with tiles, where the monks were allowed to eat meat after a Papal Bull in the 1340s.
One corner of the Kitchen remains standing.
A fragment of the Abbot's Lodging, nestled in the trees.
Looking north to the remains of the transepts.
View from the cloister.
Similar view in portrait format - I wasn't sure which looked better.
The east wall of the main Refectory.
Looking south in the monks' Day Room.
The south wall of the south transept.
The south transept from the south-east.
Looking north-west to the transepts.
Vaulted roof of the south transept.
Looking west along the abbey church.
The north transept seen from the south-west.
The south transept seen from the north-west.
The west side of the south transept.
Arched recess in the north transept.
What remains of the vaulted roof in the north transept.
The transepts seen from the north-east.
The north transept looking south-west.
The south transept from the north-west.
Looking along the south side of the nave.
The abbey church from the south-west corner.

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