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Orc Names

Sherwald Ethelwald Beornward Theonoth Theofrith Beoric
Cengar Oswyn Egfrith Balddred Brictstan Baldrys
Aelfrys Sherric Cenbert Eldgar Beowulf Ceolbald
Cengard Egmon Eomund Ceolbert Alwulf Leorys
Caedlyn Ceolfrith Eolyn Ethellyn Eowald Theonoth
Caedmon Raednoth Theoric Sherric Egwyn Theowald
Alwulf Cynlyn Raedgar Eored Beored Ethelwyn
Athelmon Leoric Cendred Caedbald Beored Athelwahl
Egred Leogard Caedgard Theobert Sherwahl Caedhart
Theomon Aelfhart Allyn Eoward Ceoldred Wulfbert



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