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Orc Names

Cynfrith Etheldred Leoric Ceolward Brictnoth Theomund
Almon Baldgard Godhart Raedbert Theogard Athelwulf
Leogar Raedstan Caedstan Raedbert Beogard Sherwulf
Caedward Caedred Leostan Baldfrith Raedric Leofrith
Leored Wulfwahl Theohart Osbald Caedgar Eldwyn
Wulfward Eldbald Ceolwahl Ethelric Cendred Wilwulf
Aelfbert Leofrith Leomon Osward Oshart Athelgard
Leowyn Eored Cynred Wulfred Athellyn Cynfrith
Wulfric Caedric Cenfrith Leostan Ethelbald Osward
Godnoth Raedrys Raedmon Alred Beornbald Eowald



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