Elven Female Names

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Anglo-Saxon Females

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Norse Females

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Dwarven Females

Elven Males

Elven Females

Minarian Names

Orc Names

Firmallia Mathavella Ganathia Caermadena Marlavorna Helvalla
Syrthavorna Athabeth Armavorna Sythavana Hamathia Anavana
Hermalorna Herolorna Caelledena Firmabeth Sythia Cerobeth
Marodena Celvalorna Cermadriel Aemavorna Amavorna Cenathia
Gallevana Certhadena Firthavella Germabeth Marabren Cevorna
Celvabeth Gernallia Herthabren Gernavorna Herrelorna Gelvalla
Amavana Garrelorna Heradriel Hallelorna Sybren Herredriel
Aerallia Caerrella Gerrebeth Habren Hevorna Aernalorna
Marladriel Gavana Alvavella Caerlalorna Cerabren Firrevana
Garthavana Caenathia Gerrevana Marlabeth Aelvavorna Marrevorna



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