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Orc Names

Caerthadrim Mathavorn Syrrevan Cethalian Malvalon Arnavel
Haroden Caerrelon Aerlalian Gerodrim Hellevel Aermavorn
Cernalon Alvalorn Firmalorn Aerthadrim Caerlabryn Firmaden
Aelvalon Synadrim Caelvadrim Aerlavel Cerovorn Gemavorn
Gerolorn Genavan Harrelian Halledrim Herreth Caerladen
Cermavorn Alvalon Garredrim Caerthavorn Fimavel Malvabryn
Gerreden Heroden Aermafin Manath Syrthalon Aelvaden
Hemavel Arlalon Aelvavan Caernavan Caeralorn Firnalon
Aermavorn Genadrim Aenath Gathavel Malvalorn Hallevorn
Gerrebryn Cermavan Amabryn Syrovan Cenath Garladen



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