Whalley Abbey

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The north-west gatehouse seen from the north-west.
Windows and doorway in the north wall of the north-west.
Inside the north-west gatehouse.
The north-west corner of the west range.
Window in the west range.
The north-east gatehouse of the abbey.
Vaulted roof of the north-east gatehouse.
Graffito in the north-east gatehouse.
The north-east gatehouse seen from the courtyard.
Reused masonry pieces at the north side of the courtyard.
The house, now used as a conference centre.
Two shields and a head in the north wall of the house.
Remains of the infirmary and chapel.
The infirmary and chapel from the south.
Window of the chapel.
Looking west to the abbot's kitchen.
Looking north-west at the abbot's lodging and house.
Looking south to the abbot's kitchen.
There are two huge fireplaces in the east side of the kitchen.
...and on in the west side containing a bee-hive bread oven.
Looking north-west inside the abbot's lodging.
The east clautral range and low ruins of Abbot Topcliffe's lodging.
The west side of the abbot's lodging with the mullioned and transomed windows of the great hall above.
Doorways to the parlour and chapter house at the east side.
Looking south inside the east claustral range.
Looking north inside the east claustral range.
The laver in the south-east corner of the cloister.
The east claustral range seen from the south-west.
The west claustral range with the Lay Brothers' Dorter above.
The door to the chapter house.
Looking through the chapter house from the cloister.
Base of a pillar and section of tiled floor at the south side of the abbey church.
Looking south-west across the footings of the church.
Looking south from the church.
The north-east gatehouse seen from the east end of the church.
Two towers set into the north perimeter wall.
The west tower.
The east tower.

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