The X Phials


D'ice Tower

Ascending & Descending

Tower of the Elements

Amen Corner

Temple of Tears

House of Munchkin



Optical Illusions

The X Phials

Egyptian Dice Roller



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An alchemist's shop.

Front view of the building, showing the removable sign.

Removable Sign Instructions


Front view showing the finished roof.

Painting Randomisers

Back view, showing roof and chimney.


The facade, showing the door, window and shutters.


The finished fireplace and shelves.


The shelves just before completion

Book & Scroll Instructions

The original fireplace, before I made it deeper.

Candle Instructions

The opposite wall with lots of potions. Most of the bottles were made from glass beads.

 Bead Bottle Instructions

Oops !

Walls cast from Hirst Arts moulds #45, dungeon builder, #54 gothic church and #55 bell-tower. Floor cast from A&K Tiny Bricks Mould 7, fireplace and chimney from A&K Tiny Bricks Mould 5. Roof made from A&K Speed Roof Strips #1 and #5. Door, shutters, shelves and other accessories from custom castings and original constructions.