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  Small Projects
Perpetual Calendar
A printable perpetual calendar to help keep track of what to sow when - especially useful for successional sowing.
Garden Planner
A printable grid and a page of symbols for greenhouses, sheds, polytunnels etc. to help you plan your allotment.

Seed Sowing Templates
Download, make and use templates to sow seed evenly in round pots

Seed Templates for Half- Trays

How to make and use a template to sow seeds in a grid pattern for later transplanting.

Making a Multi-hole Template
How to make a multi-use template from a plastic chopping board.
Making a Compost Press
How to make and use a compost press from an old plastic chopping board.
Seed Sower
How to make a simple aid to sowing seeds from an empty plastic milk bottle.
Plastic Cups as Plant Pots
How to make cheap plant pots from disposable plastic cups.
Plant Pot Heater
How to make a greenhouse heater from nested terracotta plant pots.
Pop Bottle Plant Protectors
How to make protection for seeds and seedlings from empty pop-bottles
Volvic Bottle Slug Traps
How to make reusable slug traps from empty Volvic bottles.
Pop Bottle Spray Nozzles
How to make a simple, controllable means to water seeds and seedlings.
Label Holder / Desk Tidy
How to make a hanging label holder or desk tidy from empty pop bottles.
Twine Dispenser
How to make a container to hold and dispense garden twine from an empty plastic bottle.
Plant Pot Feet
How to add feet to a plant pot using plastic milk bottle caps.
Watering Funnels
How to make watering funnels from empty plastic bottles, to help watering and feeding.
How to make a windmill from empty plastic bottles.
Fruit Picker
How to make a long-reach fruit picker from a broom handle and a plastic bottle.
Compost Scoop
How to make a compost scoop from an empty detergent bottle.
Making Adjustable Plant Supports
How to make adjustable supports for seedlings from milk bottle tops and kebab skewers.
Growing Potatoes in Bags
How to prepare shopping bags and grow potatoes in them.
Bulb Planter
How to make a bulb planter from reclaimed materials
Dibber / Compost Press
Making a dual-purpose tool from a gin cork and a spent marker pen.
Seed-Chitting Tub
How to make a seed-chitting system from an empty plastic tub.
IBC Connector
How to connect a hose-pipe to an IBC water tank.
Self-watering Propagator
How to make a self-watering propagator for seeds using recycled plastic tubs.
Drink-Can Post Caps
How to make post caps from empty aluminium drinks cans.
Cane Toppers
Using empty plastic containers as cane toppers.
  Larger Projects
Raised Planters
How to make planters for use in a greenhouse with a concrete or paved floor, or on a patio.
Raised Beds
How to make and install raised beds in a garden or allotment.
Hinged Cloches
How to make hinged cloches to fit raised beds. These can be covered with bird net, insect mesh or polythene sheeting.
Cloche Covers
How to make a versatile polythene cloche cover which can be ventilated or removed completely.
Making a Watercress Bed
How to make a raised pond to grow watercress.
Making Compost Bays
How to make compost bays from reclaimed pallets.
    Get a Greenhouse Winter-Ready
How to clean and insulate a greenhouse for better hygiene and lower heating costs.

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