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Adding Feet to a Plant Pot Using Bottle Caps

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Materials & Tools

1 x 25cm / 10" plant pot
4 x milk bottle caps,
Double-sided tape,
4 x small cable ties,

Drill and bits


Step 1

Arrange the bottle caps in a line, and stick a strip of double-sided tape along the backs. If you are adding feet to more than one pot, tape as many caps as you can manage in one go.

Step 2

Remove the backing paper from the tape. This can be fiddly, so it makes sense to remove one large strip, rather than cutting the tape first.

Step 3

Using the scissors, cut the tape between the bottle caps.

Step 4

Attach a cap to the edge of a clean dry plant pot, and drill two small holes as shown. The holes should be large enough to accommodate one of the cable ties.


Step 5

Feed a cable tie through the holes and tighten it to secure the cap in position. Without the tape holding the cap in place, this step was very fiddly and time-consuming.


Step 6

Stick a second cap 90 degrees from the first, and drill two holes as shown.


Step 7

Secure the cap in position using a cable tie as before.




Step 8

Repeat the process for the final two caps, then trim the excess from the cable ties using the scissors.

Step 9

The finished pot.

Example 1

A row of pots with feet, standing on a flagstone path alongside the greenhouse in my garden. Each contains a single seed potato.

Example 2

The pots in late June, with a healthy crop of potatoes growing nicely. 




These pots may be stood on a driveway, hard-standing or patio without fear of the drainage holes becoming clogged. Without feet, there is a danger the pots may become waterlogged unless they stand on a freely draining surface.


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