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Making a Seed Sower

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Materials & Tools

Empty plastic milk bottle

Sharp scissors or craft knife

Marker (optional)

Step 1

Thoroughly wash and dry the milk bottle, and remove the label if you wish.

Step 2

(Optional) Draw a line around the section of the bottle going through the hole of the handle. Draw another line at an angle across the handle just before it begins to curve.



Step 3

Carefully cut along the lines with a sharp craft knife or scissors.

Step 4

Trim any rough edges or jaggies to leave a nice smooth edge.

Step 5

Pinch the end of the projecting section of the bottle's handle - this forms the spout of the sower.





Sowing Seed

Pour some seed from the packet into the hopper. Hold the sower at an angle and tap it with your finger. With a little practice you can dispense one or two seeds each time, and sow them thinly along a row or in a pot.


Repacking Seed

Place the nozzle into end of the packet, carefully tip any remaining seeds back into the packet, and reseal.




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