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Making a Multi-hole Seed Sowing Template

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Materials & Tools

24cm/ 9.5" round chopping board

8mm drill bit

handle (optional)
Permanent markers

Step 1

Follow the link below to print out paper templates and transfer the marks onto the board. Since I already had pizza-base templates, I used those.

Making Templates


Step 2

I used a different colour for each template, and found the red 12-station holes ones to be very close to the green 19-station holes, and decided not to drill these.

Step 3

Drill all of the holes for the 19-station template, and draw a circle around each hole with a coloured marker.

Step 4

Drill the remaining 6 holes for the 7-station template and draw a circle in a different colour around these. Note that the central circle is common to both.


Step 5

Add a small handle if desired. This will make it much easier to remove the template easily 

Example 1

The holes enable you to push the point of a pencil into the compost creating the optimal spacing for sowing seeds. 

Example 2

Here is a pot with 19 optimally spaced holes ready for sowing carrots or radishes.



To make a permanent tool to make the holes in one operation, only drill the holes from a single template and glue a short length of sharpened pencil or dowel into each. 

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