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Making Watering Funnels from Empty Plastic Bottles

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Materials & Tools

Empty 500 ml pop bottle,
Craft knife,



Step 1

Cut the label from the bottle. If desired, you can remove any residual glue with a drop of white spirit.

Step 2

Using the knife, make a slot near the base of the bottle.

Step 3

Continue the cut all the way around the bottle using the scissors.

Step 4

Press the neck of the bottle into the soil near the stem of the plant.

Step 5

To water the plant, simply fill the bottle from a watering can. The bottles are also used when adding liquid feed, like tomato food, making it easy to ensure each plant has had the same amount.

The bottles are an ideal solution to watering plants in grow bags, pots, containers or hanging baskets, ensuring that the plants get enough water without causing any disturbance to the soil or soaking the foliage.


Step 6

To water very thirsty plants on my allotment, like pumpkins, squashes and courgettes, I make a larger funnel from a 2 litre bottle.


Step 7

As the plants grow, the bottle may become hidden in the foliage. At this point, push a short cane through the neck of bottle into the soil.


Step 8

Add a second bottle on top of the first, and fit a protector on top of the cane to prevent injury.

Example 1

Bottles in the planters in my polytunnel with tomatoes and cucumbers. I water daily, and once flowers appear, I simply add tomato food twice weekly.

Example 2

Bottles in hanging baskets, which very quickly get hidden from view as the plants grow. They ensure the baskets get a good supply of water whilst preventing the compost being washed away.

Example 3

Stacked 2 litre bottles on canes, with butternut squashes. The canes are topped off with an empty 500 ml bottle. The photo shows how difficult it would be to supply water to the base of the plants without the funnels.



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