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Making a Windmill from Empty Plastic Bottles

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Materials & Tools

4 x empty 2 litre pop bottles,
Empty bottle with "square" sides - mine contained shower cleaner,

Long Cable tie,
Drill and drill bit, Craft knife,
Scissors, Hole punch



Step 1

Using the knife, make a slot near the base of a 2 litre bottle.

If you made Plant Protectors, you will have a ready-made supply of these pieces.

Step 2

Continue the cut all the way around the bottle using the scissors.

Step 3

Using the hole punch, make a hole in one side of the piece.
Repeat Steps 1-3 for the other three 2 litre bottles.

Step 4

Cut the label from the square bottle. If desired, you can remove any residual glue with a drop of white spirit.



Step 5

Carefully drill a hole in the centre of the base of the bottle, wide enough to fit over your chosen cane or pole.

Step 6

Using the craft knife, remove any excess plastic around the hole.


Step 7

Thread the four bottle bases onto the cable tie, with them all facing the same way.




Step 8

Join the cable tie loosely, then place the square bottle in the middle.

Step 9

Slide the cable tie up to a position you are happy with, then finish tightening it onto the square bottle. Trim the loose end with the scissors.

Step 10

The windmill is now ready for use - simply slip it onto a suitable cane or metal pole.



Example 1

A windmill in situ in my garden.

Example 2

A slightly different windmill in situ at my allotment. This design took longer to construct, and uses more materials.



These windmills can be used as bird scarers to help keep your crops safe, or simply as interesting decorative additions to your plot.


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