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Treasures & Trinkets


How to make effective candles.

Gold Bars

Making gold bars from plastic sprue pieces.

Pots, Bottles & Urns

How to make items using a hand-drill as a rudimentary lathe.

Coin Piles

Making coin piles from casting plaster using a temporary mould.


Treasure Piles

How to make piles of treasure with hot glue and glitter.  


How to make simple scrolls.

Closed Books

How to make closed books from stripwood and card. 

Open Books

Making open books from stripwood, card and paper.

Bead Bottles

How to make bottles from beads.

Bead Bottles 2

Adding corks to bead bottles using a cocktail stick. 

Bead Bottles 3

Adding a metal cap made from a link of a clothing tag.

Metal Rings

Making rings from solder  for use as door handles or curtain rings.


How to make goblets from a dolls house coffee set.


Making a set of weights from a plastic sprue.

Brass Bowls

How to make bowls from paper fasteners.


Weighing Scales

How to make a set of weighing scales.

Test Tubes

How to make test tubes from bugle beads.

Test Tube Rack

Making a simple rack to hold the test tubes.


Making a saucepan from a superglue cap and a toothpick.

Saucepans #2

A different style of  saucepan with wire handles. 

Simple Sacks

How to make sacks from stones and wet wipes.



Flowers & Foliage
Buddleia Trees

Making effective trees from dried buddleia flower spikes.


Making thick patches of ivy.


Making creepers using dried plant stems.


Birch Catkin Leaves

How to make small leaves from birch catkins. 

Simple Hedges

How to make simple hedges from pan scourers.

Topiary Trees

Making topiary trees from pan scourers.

Water Lilies

How to make water lilies.



Making bull-rushes.


Fruit & Veg

Making pumpkins with coloured clay.


Making oranges with textured skins.


Making cobs of sweetcorn.



Making cabbages from polymer clay. 


Making onions from seed beads and raffia.


How to make beetroot plants from beads, wire and paper. 

Chives - Leaves

How to make clumps of leaves for chives.

Chives - Flowers

How to add flower spikes to clumps of chives.

Monsters & Minis
Water Elemental

Making a transparent model from a plastic bottle.

Gelatinous Cube

How to make a gelatinous cube with a skeleton inside.

Slime Slugs

Making slime slugs from plastic sheet and epoxy.



How to make a set of tentacles.

Eggs & Nests

Glue Gun Eggs

How to make translucent eggs from hot glue.

More Eggs

Making different types of eggs using a variety of materials.

Brush Nests

How to make a nest using bristles from an old paint brush.

Scourer Nests

How to make a birds nest from a scouring pad.

Swallow Nests

How to make swallows' nests from modelling clay and flock. 

Scrape Nests

How to make a scrape nest using sand and hot-glue.


How to make spiders' webs from hemming tape.

Wolf Spider Nests

How to make a wolf spider nest from a wet wipe.

Spider Nests 1

How to make a cocoon-style nest from a cotton bud.

Spider Nests 2

How to make a spider nest from a wet wipe.


How to make a 'skep' beehive from string.

Wasps Nests

How to make a wasps nest from modelling clay.


How to make molehills from plaster.


Removable Hay Pile

Making a hay pile which can be added to a wagon.

Landform Features
Bare Earth

Making patches of bare earth from casting plaster.

Failed Retaining Walls

How to make collapsed earth patches from casting plaster.

Ploughed Fields

Making ploughed soil from casting plaster.

Lava Flows

How to make lava flows from casting plaster, and add paint effects.

Card Constructions

Templates and instructions for constructing domes.

Hipped Roofs

Templates and instructions for hipped roofs.


Making a plaster spire using a card mould with templates.


Perfecting Plaster
Flat Floors

How to keep floors flat when using plaster blocks.

Flat Walls

How to keep walls straight using plaster blocks.

Round Walls

How to make neat round towers using plaster blocks.

Hiding Flaws
Battle Damage

Disguising flaws as battle damage.

Laser Damage

Disguising flaws as laser damage.

Bullet Holes

Disguising flaws as bullet holes.

Monster Damage

Disguising flaws as monster damage.

Acid Damage

Disguising flaws as acid damage.

Filling Holes

Filling large air-bubbles in plaster casts.

Filling Joints

Filling unwanted joints in models made from plaster blocks.


Adding icicles to a model.


How to make removable signs for buildings.


Making tapestries to add to a model.

Plastering Walls

Adding areas of plaster to model walls.

Damaged Plaster

How to make areas of damaged plasterwork.


How to make a variety of graves. 


Using old plant labels to make gravestones. 


Windows & Glass
Printing Leaded Glass

Print a variety of leaded glass panels in 16 styles.

Cracked Glass

Making damaged window panes with cracks. 

Fine Frosted Glass

How to make windows with a fine frosted glass effect.  

Clear Designs on Frosted Glass

Adding clear designs to frosted glass windows.  

Antique Glass

How to create the effect of antique glass on sheet plastic.


Rain Glass

Producing an effect that resembles rain glass.


Leaded Glass from Packaging

Simple leaded glass panes made from moulded packaging.

Milky Frosted Glass

Milky glass panes from milk bottles. These also make great diffusers for back-lighting.

Mirrored Glass

How to make mirrored glass. 

Mirrors with Foxing

Creating an old mirror with foxing. 

Arms & Armour
Grinding Wheel

Making a grinding wheel from a rotary tool grinding disc.

Weapon Racks

Making a variety of racks to hold weapons and shields.

Kite Shields

How to make kite shields from an empty plastic milk bottle.  

Textured Shields

Making textured shields from an empty plastic milk bottle. 

Shield Bosses

How to make shield bosses from superglue caps.


Shield Handles

Making handles for shields from an empty water bottle.


Shield Designs

Adding designs to your shields using adhesive tape.



Instructions for making a variety of maces from beads and cocktail sticks. 


How to make simple rapiers from dressmakers' pins. 


How to make a variety of swords from plastic card and other cheap materials.

Shortswords & Daggers

Making shortswords and daggers from a comb and a hairbrush.

Practice Swords

Instructions for making two styles of practice sword from pop-rivets. 


How to make a variety of polearms from cocktail sticks and other cheap materials.


Making spears from cocktail sticks and comb teeth.


How to make javelins from cocktail sticks and cocktail forks.

Boar Spears

How to make boar spears from cocktail sticks and cocktail forks.


Making dragon-scale cloaks from an empty plastic milk bottle.


How to make pairs of greaves from an empty plastic milk bottle. 


How to make breastplates from an empty plastic milk bottle. 


Making gabions from cocktail sticks, string and hot glue.

Archery Target

How to make a target from string.  

Archery Target Stand

Making a stand for the archery target.  

Practice Dummy

How to make a practice dummy. 

Texturing Wood

Adding texture to craft sticks, basswood or balsa.

Weapon Racks

Making a variety of racks to hold weapons and shields.

Torches & Lighting


How to make effective candles.

Simple Torches

Making simple torches.

Hot Glue Flames

An easy way to make flaming torches with hot glue.

Spent Torch

Adding a spent torch to your layout.

Fancy Torches

Making fancier torches using jeweller's pendant clasps.


Free-Standing Torches

Taller torches designed to stand on the floor.

Cotton Bud Flames

Adding flames made from the end of a cotton bud.



Making sconces for your torches.



How to make chandeliers.

Animals & Beasts

Hunting Trophies

Making hunting trophies from plastic toys.

Animal Skin Rugs

How to make animal skin rugs. 


Carry Pole

One way to make use of the headless body. 

Animal Bench

Making a bench using the legs from a plastic toy. 

Joints of Meat

How to make joints of meat from the legs of a plastic toy.

Displacer Beast

Making a displacer beast from a plastic toy. 

Animal Cage

How to make a cage to hold or transport an animal.

Materials Medley
Prime Cuts from a Milk Bottle

Creative uses for different parts of an empty plastic milk bottle.



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