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  Seeds & Cuttings

Seed Sowing Calendar
What to sow when in the UK

Seed Sowing Templates
Download, make and use templates to sow seed evenly

Seed Templates for Half- Trays

How to make and use a template to sow seeds in a grid pattern for later transplanting.


Sowing peas in lengths of gutter
Sow peas in the greenhouse and transplant them very easily.

Saving Peas for Seed
Saving peas to provide seed for next year.

Growing Onions for Seed - Start to Finish
How I grew show onions to collect the seeds.

Save Tomato Seed
How to save seed from home-grown tomatoes.
Seed Germination Test
How to test the viability of old seeds before throwing them out and buying new.
Seed Sower
How to make a simple aid to sowing seeds from an empty plastic milk bottle.
Pot Strawberry Runners
How to pot strawberry runners to make free plants.
Taking Mint Cuttings
How to get rooted cuttings from mint plants.
Lifting and Replanting Gladioli
How to lift and store gladioli corms for winter and increase your stock for free.

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