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Growing Onions for Seed - Start to Finish


This is how I grew show onions in order to collect the seed.

Instructions / Diary

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April 13

I had four show onions stored from last year, which had started to produce shoots. I decided to try to grow them for seed.

Peel the outer skins from the onion. Fill 20cm / 10" pots with compost, create a shallow indentation in the surface and sit the onion into the hollow. Set in a greenhouse and water sparingly.

May 31

The onions had produced flower scapes. I inserted canes to support the flowers when needed. The bottles on top of the canes prevent you poking yourself in the eye!

June 15

The flower heads were just beginning to open.

June 27

Tie a length of string near the top of the canes to hold in all the flower heads.

July 2

Individual flowers opening.

July 9

Pollination in progress.

July 31

The flowers have mostly closed up following pollination, forming seed pods.

August 5

The seed pods beginning to dry.

August 14

One or two seed pods had started to open. Line a crate with paper, snip off the flower heads and set them in a sunny spot to dry.

September 1

Once dry, the seed pods will open.


Hold each flower head upside-down in a bag and shake vigorously to collect the seeds.
Also, collect any seed which has fallen into the bottom of the crate. Transfer the seed to a paper envelope, label and store in a cool dry place.


How to Grow Onions From Seed



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