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Taking Mint Cuttings

Mint is one of the easiest plants from which to get rooted cuttings.

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Materials & Tools

Secateurs / snips
Glass of water
Pot of multipurpose compost mixed with sand or grit.



Step 1

Cut a length of about 15cm / 6" from the top of a stem. Choose  stems which are not flowering. Trim the cutting just below a pair of leaves as shown.


Step 2

Remove all leaves from the bottom half of the cutting.

Step 3

Sit the cutting in tapwater, covering most of the bare stem, as shown. Place in a light spot, like on a windowsill. Keep the water level topped up.


Step 4

If the cuttings begin to wilt, check the water level. If there is sufficient water, then remove more of the larger leaves.

Step 5

After only two weeks, you should be able to see lots of white roots.

Step 6

Trim the lower part of the stem if it has no roots protruding.  I cut about where the circle is, being careful not to cut any roots. 

Step 7

Transfer the cuttings into a pot of multipurpose compost mixed 50/50 with sand or grit. Re-pot into a larger container as roots appear from the base of the pot.


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