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Sowing Peas in Lengths of Gutter

Why sow peas in gutters?

1. It is cheap and easy
Peas typically put out long roots before they show much growth above ground, and they do NOT like root disturbance when being transplanted. Sowing in gutters allows you to sow and grow a whole row of peas in a small space, but with plenty of room for the plants to grow long roots.

2. Protecting the seeds & seedlings
Mice, squirrels and birds will happily eat your pea seeds or munch on the young shoots. Sowing in gutters in the greenhouse gives them protection until they are ready go plant out.

3. Easy transplanting
Once the seedlings are ready to be planted out, it is fairly easy to slide the compost out of the gutter into a shallow trench.


Step-by-step instructions

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Materials & Tools

Plastic guttering cut into 60-90cm (2-3 foot) lengths
Gaffer/duck tape

Compost and seed


Step 1

Attach a length of gaffer tape to each end of the gutter, leaving a small gap at the bottom for drainage.

Step 2

Fill the guttering with compost.

Step 3

Make a row of holes along one side, spaced about 2" apart. This is roughly the distance between your first finger & middle finger when spread.

Step 4

Make a second row of holes along the other side of the gutter.

Step 5

Sow a single pea in each hole, cover with compost and firm down.

Step 6

Water well and add a label.

Step 7

Stand in a greenhouse where rodents and birds cannot attack the young shoots. Here are the seedlings after 6 days in the greenhouse.


Step 8

After 10 days in the greenhouse, these look ready to plant out.


Step 9

Make a shallow trench, long enough to take the lengths of gutter.


Step 10

Cut the lengths of tape from each end of the gutter. Place the gutter on a firm base, and press down hard on both edges, to help loosen the compost.

Step 11

Slide the compost out of the gutter into the trench.


Step 12

Firm the compost, and fill in around it with the surrounding soil. Water in well.


How to save and store peas for next year's seeds

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