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Potting up Strawberry Runners

Strawberry plants will produce runners in the autumn, which can simply pruned off. However, it is simple to pot them on and create free plants, and you should aim to replace your strawberry plants every 3-4 years, after which fruit production will diminish.


Step-by-step instructions

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Step 1

Find a plant with runners - this has three nice ones.

Step 2

Whilst a simple hoop of wire will hold the plantlets in place, if you wrap the wire around a dowel to create a loop, it is much easier to find and remove these clips later.


Step 3

Fill some pots with compost - one for each plantlet.

Step 4

Trim the runner after the first plantlet. You can pot up two or three from a single runner, but the resulting plants will get progressively weaker. Do not separate the plantlets from the parent plant.


Step 5

Make a shallow hole in the compost.

Step 6

Push the plantlet into the hole and secure it in place with a clip. Firm the compost around the base of the plantlet.

Step 7

Keep the compost moist and wait for a couple of weeks.

Step 8

Once you see roots at the base of the pot, cut the umbilical cord and remove the clip.



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