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Detailed Tutorials
Colour Theory

An introduction to colour theory and how it relates to painting models.


How to get the best from your camera when taking photos of models & details.


Simple Conical Roofs

How to make simple cone shapes for roofs with different sizes and slopes.

Complex Conical Roofs

How to make complex cone shapes for roofs with different sizes and slopes.

Build Better Models Part 1

The design process, and how to use it to improve your models.

Build Better Models Part 2

The natural look, and how to achieve it in miniature.

Pitched Roofs #1

Instructions for making simple pitched and hipped roof templates.

Pitched Roofs #2

Instructions for making half-hipped and pyramidal roof templates.

Concept to Completion
Ice Pond

Building a small diorama of an icy pond, with step-by-step instructions.


Building a steampunk telescope with annotated steps.

Tailor-made Tools

Scenics Applicator

How to make a precision applicator for scenic materials from a plastic milk bottle.

Brush Protectors

Making brush protectors from an empty spray bottle.  

Cleaver Guillotine

How to make a guillotine to chop thin strips of wood, plastic etc. 

Quilling Tools

How to make quilling tools from sewing needles. 

Other Tips

Colourizing Clay

How to add colour to white polymer clay.

Submerged Body

Adding a submerged body to a clear base. 

Semi-submerged Rocks

Making a part-submerged rock for a clear base.

Fan Coral

Making fan coral from skeletal hydrangea flowers. 

Cube of Force

Making a cube of force from printed acetate, with full-colour template to download.


Adding detail to some model gravestones.

Stargate Kawoosh

Adding a 'Kawoosh' to a model Stargate.



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