Heraldic Crosses

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The cross is one of most the common charges used in heraldry, and comes in an almost endless variety of different forms.

arrow flights barby Borromean rings bottony Byzantine Celtic
Celtic 2 clechy clechy and bottony Toulouse Coptic couped
degraded crosslet ermine fitchy fitchy double fitchy treble
fleury patonce Alacantra formy formy 2 formy 3
formy 4 formy fitched (the lower arm ending in a point) formy alisee formy alisee 2 fourchy knotwork
Latin moline moline 2 recercley Maltese Calvary
Egyptian or ankh double or Lorraine patriarchal Papal Russian pommy or pommely
pommy potenty Jerusalem repotenty potenty variation 2 Templar
fitchy variation fitchy double with lozenges Bowen quadrate ending in crescents ending in fusils
annulate of nine roundels of nine lozenges Tau or St. Anthony's Saxon anchored
St. Peter's St. Julians fleuretty moussuee millrine urdy
avellane swastika fylfot fylfot variation St. James' gringoly

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