Mammals as Heraldic Charges 1

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     Charges based on mammals.

Bear rampant


Bear passant

Bear statant

Bear sejant erect

Bear head erased

Bear head erased and muzzled

Boar rampant


Boar passant

Boar statant

Boar sejant

Boar head couped

Boar head erased

Bull rampant

Bull passant

Bull statant

Bull salient

Bull head caboshed

Bull head caboshed with nose ring

Horse rampant

Horse passant


Horse statant

Horse careering

Horse courant

Horse head couped

Stag at gaze

Stag trippant


Stag statant

Stag springing

Stag courant

Stag lodged

Stag head couped

Stag head erased

Stag head caboshed

Stag attire


Hind trippant


Hind statant

Talbot rampant

Talbot passant


Talbot statant

Talbot sejant Talbot salient Talbot head couped
Wolf rampant

Wolf passant

Wolf statant Wolf salient Wolf courant Wolf head erased


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