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  A model depicting my interpretation of M. C. Escher's "Belvedere" lithograph.

Escher originally created his "Belvedere" lithograph in 1958, another of his famous images of impossible buildings. I created this model as my entry for HADD9. Though not as large as Ascending & Descending, this was a much more difficult model to make from a technical standpoint: getting 8 pillars to match up exactly required far more precision than the steps.

View as per original lithograph.


The upper balcony level, with the domed roofs.


The upper level from the reverse.
The lower part of the model, showing the rocky outcrop. The lower steps, to the main door. Reverse corner of the lower part.
Back elevation view, with a statue and formal planting.

Topiary Tree Instructions

Creeper Instructions

Elevated shot of the rear, showing various marbled pieces.

Honey Marble Instructions

Another view of the chequerboard pavement and the rear of the model.

Moulds used: #41 Gothic Dungeon Accessories, #45 Gothic Dungeon Builder, #54 Gothic Church, #55 Bell Tower, #61 Turret, #62 Roman Temple, #63 Octagon Tower, #201 Chipped Floor Tiles, #202 Smooth Floor Tiles