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Pictures of some of my miniatures and monsters, which are used for D&D, or as display pieces.

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Character Figures
Sprongo the Juggler. Australian dwarf thief who is convinced he's a wizard. Custom-made corked wizard hat, wand of juggling and empty lager cans. Another view, showing the winged boots and the pair of throwing daggers.

Jaspar, the Red Dwarf.

GW figure.


Millicent the Mighty, female dwarf fighter.

Converted GW figure.


Lady Argenta, Priestess of Selune.

Converted GW figure.


Lady Agnes D'Ung - Paladiness with two-headed flail.

GW figure.

Urzir Sinistra - left-handed MU, with sage knowledge of The Plane of Fire.

Converted GW figure.

Dunstan the Druid.

GW figure.



Dragon standing over her hoard. Spare GW parts and lots of custom-made pieces on a base of Hirst floor tiles. 

Coin Pile Instructions

...and her first victim



GW Daemon Prince figure, on custom made tree stump.


Undead Naga.

Converted from Daemon Prince tail


GW Bloodletter of Khorne on a custom base of skulls and bones.
Reaper "Cichastus" Fly Demon figure. Reaper "Dragon Lion" figure.

GW Albion Giant "Bologs" figure


Reaper "Demon Thornwart" figure.

GW Salamander figure, standing on slate pieces.


RAFM Frog Demon figure "Tsuthoggua" - painted to resemble a strawberry poison dart frog.
Home-made Figures

Ultra (with wings) - winged tiger.

Converted from plastic child's toy, with Warmaster eagle's wings.


GW horse with horn added from epoxy putty.

Displacer Beast - plastic toy with epoxy putty tentacles added.

Scratch-built transparent Water Elemental.

Water Elemental Instructions

Gelatinous Cube with skeleton.


Gelatinous Cube Instructions

Reaching tentacles.


Tentacles Instructions

Scratch built Slime Slug #1

Slime Slug Instructions

Scratch built Slime Slug #1

Slime Slug Instructions

Scratch built Slime Slug #2

Slime Slug Instructions

Cube of Force printed on acetate.

Cube of Force Instructions

Scratch-built trebuchet in the style of a "Mordor Catapult"


Custom Bases
Scratch-built transparent base inspired by the Dead Marshes scenes from Lord of the Rings.

Front view.

Left side view

Submerged Rock Instructions

Back view

Lily Pad Instructions


Right side view

Bull-rushes Instructions


Submerged Body Instructions

With an unpainted Samwise Gamgee miniature for scale.
I added a dragonfly made from florist wire and clear packaging material. Bases for flying or levitating figures Bases for flying or levitating figures