Castles of Britain: T-Z

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A collection of inspirational images from places I have visited.

Interactive Map - Historic Sites of Britain



Tadcaster Motte

Talgarth Tower

Tamworth Castle

Tantallon Castle

Tattershall Castle

Tebay Motte

Temon Bastle

Temple Bruer Preceptory

Tempeston Moat Motte

Tenby Castle

Tenby, St Catherine's Fort

Tenby Town Walls

The Castles, Hamsterley

Thetford Castle Hill

Thetford Red Castle

Thetford Warren Lodge

Thirlestane Castle

Thirlwall Castle

Thorn Island Fort

Thornage Hall

Threave Castle

Tinwald Motte

Tomen Castell Motte

Tomen Cefn Glaniwrch

Tomen Cefncoch

Tomen y Bala

Tomen y Maerdy


Torpel Castle Motte

Torphichen Preceptory

Torthorwald Castle

Torwoodlee Broch & Fort

Torwoodlee Tower

Tower House Mound

Towneley Hall

Tredington Manor

Tretower Castle and Court

Triermain Castle

Trostrie Motte

Truemans Hill Motte

Tump Terret Motte

Turton Tower

Twizell Castle

Twmbarlwm Motte

Twmpath Motte

Tyddyn Mount

Tynemouth Priory and Castle


Upper Denton Bastle

Upper Largo Tower

Upper Slaughter Motte

Uppingham Motte

Upton Castle

Usk Castle

Wakefield Lowe Hill

Wallingford Castle

Walworth Castle

Walwyns Castle

Walterston Castle

Warden Castle Motte

Wark-on-Tweed Castle

Warkworth Castle

Warwick Castle

Warwick City Walls

Washingley Motte

Wattlesborough Castle

Wauchope Castle

Weeting Castle

Welbourn Motte

Welshpool Motte

Wemyss Castle

Weobley Castle

Weoley Castle

West Blockhouse, Milford Haven

Weston Park Motte

West Port House

West Tarr Tower

West Wemyss Castle

West Woodhay Motte

Wetheral Priory

Whalley Abbey Gatehouse

Wharton Hall

Whissonsett Hall

White Castle

Whitslaid Tower

Whittington Castle

Whithorn Castle

Wigmore Castle

Wigtown Castle

Wilcott Castle Mound

Wilmington Motte

Wilton Castle

Winchcombe Town Banks


Windsor Castle #1

Windsor Castle #2

Wiston Castle

Witton Castle

Witton Tower

Wolfclyde Motte

Wolfscastle Motte

Wollaston Mount Motte

Woodcroft Castle

Woodhead Castle

Woodstock Ring

Woodwalton Motte

Wolvesey Castle

Worcester Bishops Palace

Worcester Castle

Worcester Cathedral Precinct

Worcester Fort Royal

Wormiston Tower House

Wotherton Castle Mound

Wothorpe Towers

Wray Castle (mock castle)

Wraysholme Tower

Wreaths Tower, Cowcorse

Wyberts Castle

Yanwath Hall Pele

Yester Castle

York Abbey

York Baile Hill

York City Walls: Davy Tower to Micklegate

York City Walls: Micklegate to Lendal Bridge

York City Walls: Lendal Tower to Monkgate

York City Walls: Monkgate to River Foss

York City Walls: Red Tower to Fishergate Postern

Ystradowen Motte