Warkworth Castle

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The gatehouse seen from the south.
The gatehouse from the south-east.
The gatehouse and bridge over the moat, looking west.
The south-west corner seen from the bridge.
Looking north-east from the bridge.
The keep seen above the southern curtain wall.
This tower in the south-west of the castle was the gateway to the west range of buildings.
The gateway tower from the north-east.
The Lion Tower was the state entrance to the west hall.
Ornate carvings on the Lion Tower depict various arms and badges of the Percy family.
The west postern gate.
Remains in the south-west corner of the castle.
The keep seen from the south.
The keep from the south-west.
The keep from the door of the Lion Tower.
The Grey Mare's Tail Tower viewed from the church.
Looking south from the entrance to the keep.
Looking south-east from the keep, with the crypts beneath the church in the mid-ground.
Gatehouse, Lion Tower and gateway tower seen from the keep.
The Grey Mare's Tail Tower and east curtain wall from the keep.
The central turret of the keep seen from inside the keep.
Staircase in the keep.
Sedilia (seat) and piscina (hand basin) in the chapel.
Carved angel corbel in the chapel.
Windows in the east wall of the chapel.
Large fireplace in the kitchen of the keep.
The south wall of the keep, seen from the crypt.
The gateway tower and Lion Tower seen from the north-east.
Passage beneath the Collegiate Church, with the west postern gate behind.
The castle seen from the south-east.
The Grey Mare's Tail Tower and keep seen from the south-east.

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