Castles of Britain: P-R

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A collection of inspirational images from places I have visited.

Interactive Map - Historic Sites of Britain



Padeswood Mound

Pan Castle

Panpudding Hill

Paradise Motte

Parbroath Castle

Parc y Castell, St. Davids

Parc y Domen Issa

Paxtons Tower (mock castle)

Peel o' Hill Bastle

Pembridge Castle

Pembroke Castle #1

Pembroke Castle #2

Pembroke East Martello

Pembroke Town Walls

Pembroke West Martello

Pen-Coed Castle

Pendragon Castle

Penhow Castle

Penkelly Castle

Penllyn Castle

Penmaen Ringwork

Penmark Castle

Pennard Castle

Penrhos Castle Motte

Penrhyn Castle

Penrice Castle

Penrice Church

Penrith Castle

Penrith, St. Andrews Church

Penrith, Two Lions Inn

Penwortham Motte

Pen y Bryn

Perdieus Mount Motte

Peterborough Abbey Precinct

Peterborough Bishops Palace

Peterborough Motte

Peterston Castle

Peveril Castle

Physgill Tower House

Pickering Castle

Picton Castle

Piel Castle

Pier Camp, Bangor

Pill Castle

Pitcruvie Castle

Pitcullo Castle

Piteadie Castle

Pitfirrane Castle

Pitreavie Castle

Pittarthie Castle

Plane Castle

Plas Cadwugan Motte

Plewlands House

Plunton Castle

Pointz Castle

Pont Mathrafal Mound

Pope's Tower

Port Castle

Porthamal Tower

Powis Castle

Prestatyn Castle

Prudhoe Castle

Pulcree Motte

Pulford Motte

Queen Mary's House


Raby Castle

Raby Old Lodge

Radcliffe Tower

Raglan Castle

Ramsey Abbey Gatehouse

Randerston Lairds House

Rathmore Tower House

Ravenscraig Castle, Fife

Ravenstone Castle

Ravenstonedale Priory Pele

Ravensworth Castle, North Yorkshire

Ravensworth Castle, County Durham

Repentance Tower

Rhuddlan Castle

Rhuddlan Town Wall

Rhuddlan Twthill

Richmond Castle

Ripley Castle

Roberton Motte,

Dumfries & Galloway

Roberton Motte,

South Lanarkshire

Roch Castle

Roche Castle

Rochford Tower

Rockingham Castle

Rockhall Motte

Rockhall Tower

Roft Motte

Rorrington Motte

Rose Castle

Rossend Castle

Rosyth Castle

Round Dounan Motte

Roxburgh Castle

Rudbaxton Rath

Rug Park Motte

Rumney Castle

Ruperra Castle

Rushford Collegiate Church

Rusko Castle

Ruthin Castle