Temple of Tears





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A gothic temple with a distinctly skeletal theme.

Front view


Rear view


Right view


Close-up of the spire


A view from the front, with the roof removed. This shows some of the stained glass windows to good effect.


A birds-eye view of the ground floor


A shot of the northern alcove, and teardrop stained glass windows. Is that a statue, or a bronze golem?


A close-up of the sanctuary, with torches, gargoyles, skull-plaque and balustrade.


The southern alcove, showing details of the floor


A close-up of the ivy on the south wall, with the teardrop windows.


The ivy, with buddleia trees in the background


A close-up of the door, and the dead tree


The north-east wall, showing the creeper


The crypt, with skulls and longbones in the alcoves and the floor pit


The crypt, showing the summoning circle


A birds-eye view of the crypt area


A close-up shot of the skull floor tiles


The hidden room, housing sacred relics


Another view of the sacred relics in the hidden room - the grates in the floor were used to dispose of...well, actually


A moonlit shot showing the stained glass windows


Parts from HA Moulds 41, 43, 44, 45, 54, 55, 56, 61, 65, 201, 205 & 235. Custom Blocks: 2 x skull floor tiles,  3 x skull wall tiles, large skull, column, pots & urns, balustrade & grate floor tile.