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An eclectic mixture of my interests including models, optical illusions, historic buildings, roleplaying games, heraldry, puzzles and gardening.

I am currently overhauling all of the model pages on the site - please point your bookmarks to this  page.    

Terrain Models

Models made mostly using the Castlemolds® system available from Hirst Arts in the US. See Links

Historic Sites

Images of castles, abbeys and other historic places. Now with over 16,000 photographs of over 1,300 sites.

Tricks & Tips

A selection of useful hints to improve the look of your models. From painting tips to modelling ideas to add those all important details to your finished model.


An introduction to heraldry, with examples of the charges used on shields. 


A series of tutorials to aid in the creation of interesting features e.g. different roof shapes, general ideas for making better models, an introduction to colour theory.


A selection of puzzles which can easily be constructed using tiles and blocks.



Several pages to generate a variety random names, including Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Orcs, place names and item descriptions.

Abaroth's Garden

Growing fruit, veg and flowers in a suburban garden, with lots of projects to recycle and save money.



Pictures of some of my miniatures & conversions, which are mostly used for D&D, or as display pieces.


Other sites you may find interesting: Suppliers, Ideas, Forums, Online Tools and other modellers' work.

Contact me with suggestions, comments or questions.