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Newwell Cross Loxhey Southford Oxham Keldington Lower Langburn
Whitefold Lake Blackmouth Ashthorpe Whitewell Moorford Presington Cross
Marsbrook Loxchester Newby Langpool Bridge Norcaster Barhaven
Ilwich Hartley Eastdale Kirwich Green Norhall Kinpool
Nether Oakden Otterfield Henlea Woolhalgh Preshurst Oulhey
Hazelthwaite Dunpool Hindbrook Barchester Great Redfield Marsburn Lake
Hoplea Middlethwaite Newhaven Heath Kinmarsh Barburn Little Middlemarsh
Hazelleigh Hazelfield Market Redmouth Market Loxchester Upper Northcaster Eastthorpe Head
Whitehalgh Ashmoor Kinbeck Harhampton Hartley Nether Barmarsh
Newley Little Hopbury Blackmarsh Cross Dunden Hindhampton Barby



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