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How to Split Clumps of Rhubarb

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Materials & Tools

Garden fork
Plastic bags or cling film ?

Step 1

Rhubarb grows outward from the centre in a clump. After 4-5 years the centre will begin to die off. This is the ideal time to split the clump.

Step 2

This photo shows the new growing tips which have formed around the original plant (the largest circle). This clump is ready for division.

Step 3

Dig a trench around the clump to at least a spade's depth. Dig underneath with a fork or spade to loosen the whole clump.

Step 4

Using a sharp, clean spade, divide the clump between the growing tips. You can leave more than one tip on each division.


Step 5

This photo shows the large tuberous root mass. When dividing the clump, you need to leave a good amount of the root attached to each division - this will feed the plant until it produces new feeding roots.

  • Plants should be divided in winter before they produce large leaves.
  • If you cannot replant the pieces immediately, wrap the root-ball in a plastic bag or cling film to prevent it drying out.
  • Replant at a depth where the growing tips are just above the soil surface leaving at least 45 - 60 cm (18 - 24") between plants.
  • Rhubarb is not very fussy about soil conditions, but does not do well in waterlogged soil over winter.
  • The transplanted clumps should be left to grow for a whole year before cropping. This allows them time to recover and produce healthy root systems.

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