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How to germinate sweetcorn seeds in a plastic tub

Why germinate the seeds in a plastic tub?

I have sowed sweetcorn in individual pots several times, following the instructions to the letter, and had very disappointing results. The seeds are relatively expensive, so I tried this method instead and got over 90% germination rates every time.


Step-by-step instructions

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Materials & Tools

Plastic tub  with a sealable lid - an ice cream or margarine tub is ideal.
A sheet of kitchen roll


Step 1

Cut a piece of kitchen roll to fit the base of the tub, and wet it.
Lay out the seeds as evenly as you can.

Step 2

Place a second layer of kitchen roll on top and spray with water.
Seal the lid of the plastic tub and place somewhere warm.

Step 3

Check daily for signs of germination. This is the same tub after 3 days. Several more seeds germinated after a few more days.

Step 3

Carefully place each sprouted seed in a pot of fresh sieved compost about 2.5cm / 1" deep and cover with more compost. The shoots should point downwards.


Step 3

Nine days after sowing the seeds in the plastic tub, and every one has pushed through the compost.

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