Castles of Britain: H-K

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A collection of inspirational images from places I have visited.

Interactive Map - Historic Sites of Britain



Haggerston Castle

Hailes Castle

Halford Motte

Hallaton Motte

Halloughton Tower

Halton Castle, Northumbria

Halton Castle, Runcorn

Halton Castle Hill

Hapton Castle

Haltwistle Pele

Hamstead Marshall

3 Mottes

Hardwick Halls

Harlech Castle

Haroldston Mansion

Harpham Church Fortified Tower

Hartlebury Castle

Haughton Castle

Haverfordwest Castle

Haverfordwest Town Walls

Hawarden Castle

Hawcocks Mount

Hayscastle Motte

Hayton Motte

Hazelslack Tower

Hazelwood Castle

Helmsley Castle

Hen Domen Motte

Hendom Mound

Henrys Moat Motte

Hereford Bishops Palace

Hereford Castle

Hereford City Walls

Hermitage Castle

Hexham Moot Hall

Hexham Old Gaol

Highclere Castle

High Drummore Motte

Hillhouse Motte

Hills Tower

Hillslap Tower

Hinckley Motte

Hinton Waldrist Motte and Bailey

Hockleton Motte

Hoddom Castle

Hoghton Tower

Holdgate Castle

Holmehead Bastle

Holmside Hall

Holt Castle, Clywd

Holt Castle, Worcestershire

Holt Fortified Bridge

Holywell Motte

Hook Tump

Hopton Castle

Horden Hall

Horningtoft Danish Camp

Horsford Castle Hill

Houghton-le-Spring Rectory

Housesteads Bastle House

Howtel Pele Tower

Hume Castle

Hunsingore Hall

Hunstanworth Pele

Huntly Castle 

Hussey Tower

Hutton Castle

Hutton Hall

Hylton Castle


Ince Grange

Ingarsby Motte

Ingleston Mote

Innermessan Mote

Innerwick Castle

Irthington Motte

Irthington Mill Motte

Isle of Whithorn Castle


Jedburgh Castle


Kendal Castle

Kendal Castle Howe Motte and Bailey

Kenfig Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Kenmure Castle

Kibworth Harcourt Motte

Kidwelly Castle #1

Kidwelly Castle #2

Kidwelly Town Walls

Kilpeck Castle

Killaser Castle

Killumpha Tower

King John's Palace

Kings Lynn Red Mount

Kings Lynn Town Walls

Kings Lynn Watchtower

Kingsland Motte

Kirby Muxloe

Kirkandrews Tower

Kirkcambeck Ringwork

Kirkclaugh Motte

Kirkconnel Tower, Ecclefechan

Kirkconnel Tower, Springkell

Kirkcudbright Castle

Kirkcudbright Moat Brae

Kirkhill Motte

Kirkoswald Castle

Kittle Top

Knaresborough Castle

Knockin Castle

Kyme Castle