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Moorham Otterington Birchburgh Preswich Green Oxwike Overbrook
Oulwood Moorleigh Oulburgh Cross Millpool Millthwaite Overport
Eastwich Middlethwaite Kirbeck Bridge Upper Moordale Norpool Redthwaite Green
Henton Upper Hopleigh Hindhall Keldbury Woolwell Oulwell
Hindlea Blackley Green Ashhampton Blackthwaite Loxden Kinmouth
Loxwood Norleigh Lake Kincaster Millwich Hartwike Hopmouth
Whitemouth Hindport Woolbeck Middleleigh Portshey Marswike
Oakburn Market Norton Overworth Nether Whitewell Loxleigh Upper Marsworth
Westmere Portsden Marsholm Great Eastpool Southworth Loxthwaite
Overbeck Newleigh Bridge Kirbeck Southpool Bridge Millhurst Moorley



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