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Custom Blocks


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Customised and scratch-built furniture and fittings.

Altar with skull candlesticks and chalice. Altar with two wine goblets and candelabrum. Alas poor Eric!
Table with candle, inkwell, quill, map and book. Alchemist's bench with still, test tubes etc.


Small table with inkwell, quill, candle and key.


The tomb of Sir Custent.


Rack of barrels.


Small and large barrels with bucket.


Sacks of corn, one open.


Chest with gold bars.


Chest with coins and gem.


Chest with gems.


Locked chest.


Box of skulls.


Bookcase with books and scrolls.


Bookcase with books.


Bookcase with books, scrolls, pot and skull.


Musical instruments.


Everyone collects something!


Pots and bottles.


Pots and tiny box.


The best silverware.


Large shields.


Miscellaneous shields.


Hand weapons.


Bows and arrows


Spears Polearms