Stirling Castle #1

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The Palace of James V at Stirling Castle.
One of the statues on the east wall of the palace.
Close-up of the statue.
The inner walls of the main gatehouse.
The south wall of James IV's Great Hall.
The Great Hall seen from the south-east.
The north gate and kitchens beside the Great Hall.
The southern section of the Great Hall seen from the east.
Looking north along the west side of the Palace.
Fancy downspout at the south-west corner.
The west side of the Great Hall seen from the Inner Close.
The north wall of the Palace.
Statue of Saturn, god of time and agriculture on the north wall of the Palace.
Another of the statues on the north wall of a goddess.
Close-up of a carved figure on the north wall of the Palace, below the statue of James V.
Statue of James V at the north-east corner.
The Great Hall and Palace (right).
Looking east in the Inner Close to the Great Hall.
The north-east corner of the Inner Close, with the King's Old Building on the left, adjoining the Chapel Royal..
Decoration inside the Chapel Royal.
View of the Great Hall though the chapel windows.
Looking south-west through the chapel windows.
Looking south across the Inner Close to the Palace.
The unicorn atop the Great Hall.
Inside the Great Hall.
The thrones in the Great Hall.
Stained glass window with the Royal Arms of James IV.
More stained glass panels in the Great Hall.
Window at the west of the hall with more stained glass panels.
Tapestry showing the Royal Arms.
Ceiling of the King's Inner Hall with carved and painted bosses.
The ceiling of the King's Bedchamber.
The Queen's Bedchamber.
Tapestries and painted ceiling of the Queen's Inner Hall.

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Stirling Castle #2

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