St Andrews Precinct

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Arrowslit in the north-east wall of the Cathedrap Precinct at St Andrews.
Tower in the north-east wall with two rooms and a monument built on the inner wall.
The second tower on the north-east wall with unusual corbelling.
The gatehouse known as The Pends, looking south.
Inside, the gatehouse has the remains of rib-vaulting.
A small doorway at the north-west corner of the gatehouse.
Looking north through the gatehouse.
Quatrefoil stone set into the wall south of the gatehouse.
Looking east through the west gate.
The outside walls of the west gate.
Details above the archway of the west gate.
Round mural tower just to the south of the west gate.
Looking south along the east walls.
The second tower along with a niche and blocked doorway with an arrowslit.
Gunloop in the east wall.
Tower at the south-east corner of the precinct.
West from the corner, the wall continues at the back of a garden.
Looking west along the south side of the precinct enclosure.
Gateway in the south wall.
Tower, just west of the gateway.
Tower to the north of Adamson Crescent.
Looking east, back to the south gateway.
A small niche in the south wall.
Looking north-west along Abbey Walk.
A gunloop in the south-west wall.
The next tower along on Abbey Walk.
Carved niche on the tower.
Tower at the corner of Abbey Walk and Abbey St. where the wall turns northward.
The same tower seen from the north-west.
Remains of the precinct wall at the north end of Abbey St.
Back at The Pends gatehouse, looking east along South St.

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