St Andrews Castle

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St Andrews Castle seen from the road at the south-east.
The impressive Foretower, which originally stood over the castle entrance.
The Foretower and south-west wall with the new entranceway.
Carved details above the entrance.
View of the castle from the south-west.
Looking east from the bridge to the entrance.
Looking north through the gatehouse.
The Sea Gate and kitchen at the north-east corner of the castle.
Looking east inside the courtyard along the southern walls.
The inside of the Foretower seen from the north.
Looking west from the south-east corner of the courtyard.
Remains of buildings at the south-east corner which included the castle's chapel.
Looking north to the Sea Gate.
The curtain wall at the north side of the courtyard.
The Seas Tower at the north-east corner of the castle.
Looking down into the bottle-dungeon or oubliette in the Sea Tower.
Looking east along the outside of the north walls.
Looking east along the inside of the north walls.
Looking south across the castle courtyard.
The castle well in the courtyard.
A gunloop in the south wall.
Vaulted cellar in the south range with another gunloop.
Looking down into the beginnings of the countermine tunnel dug beneath the castle.
This was the state apartment of Archbishop Hamilton above the gatehouse.
Looking north from the state apartment, across the courtyard.
Inside the south-west corner of the Foretower.
Looking north across the courtyard from the Foretower.
The south wall of the Foretower where the original entrance was sited.
Looking east inside the courtyard along the southern walls.
View from the south-west corner, looking north in the courtyard.
The castle seen from the west.
Part of the west walls with a gunloop.
Looking east along the ditch and south walls.
The south-east corner of the Foretower.
The east wall of the Foretower.
Window and gunloop in the east wall of the Foretower.
Inside the mine tunnel which was an attempt to undermine the Foretower.
The Sea Gate tower from the south.
Looking down into a barrel-vaulted cellar of the Sea Gate tower.
The castle seen from the cliffs at the south-east.

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