Kidwelly Castle #2

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Looking north-west from the wall-walk.
The South-East Tower and Chapel.
Portcullis slot over the north gate to the Inner Ward.
Looking south across the Inner Ward.
Looking north-east.
Inside the North-West Tower.
Looking south-east from the North-West Tower.
Looking south-west into the Outer Ward.
The Kitchen and South Gatehouse from the wall-walk.
The South Gatehouse and South-East Tower.
The north end of the Kitchen and North-East Tower.
Looking east to the South-East Tower.
Looking north to the North-West Tower.
Looking north-east across the Inner Ward.
The hall in the South Gatehouse.
Looking east in the hall.
Inside the South Gatehouse.
The oven and fireplace in the South Gatehouse.
Looking north-west from the wall-walk by the South Gatehouse.
Looking north to the Chapel.
The South-West Tower.
The north side of the gatehouse from the wall-walk.
The two west towers from a window in the gatehouse.
Looking north-east from the South Gatehouse.
Looking north.
Section of the town wall running from the south-east of the castle.
Looking north at the west side of Kidwelly Castle.
The southern parts of the castle from the west.
A view from the path at the south-east gives a good impression of the size of the earthworks.
View from the riverside path at the south-east.
The South Gatehouse, South-East Tower and Chapel.
The east side of the South-Gatehouse.
The Chapel from the south-east.
The Chapel and South Gatehouse from the north-east.
The east side of the North-East Tower.
Looking north along the east side of the castle.

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