Goodrich Castle

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The keep and south-east tower seen from the south.
Looking north along the west side of the castle.
Looking north along the east side of the castle - note the deep rock-cut ditch.
The castle viewed from the south-east.
The eastern side of the castle.
The gatehouse and causeway seen from the south-east.
Looking south-west from the barbican.
Approaching the gatehouse along the causeway.
The entrance corridor.
The north-west tower seen from the entrance.
Looking south-west from the entrance.
The north wall of the keep.
The south-east tower viewed from the entrance.
Sedilia (seat) and piscina (wash-basin) in the chapel.
These two recesses held the winch to raise and lower the portcullis, which was situated where the grate is in the floor.
The north-west tower seen from inside the gatehouse.
Looking south-west from the gatehouse.
View along the east wall from the gatehouse.
The west end of the chapel.
The keep viewed from the east wall-walk.
The south-east tower seen along the wall-walk from the north.
Looking north-west from the south-east tower.
The south side of the gatehouse seen from the south-east tower.
The south-west tower seen from the south-east tower.
Three doorways to the garderobe tower at the south-east of the courtyard.
The prison which is situated between the south-east tower and the keep.
Looking north-west from atop the keep.
The gatehouse seen from the roof of the keep.
The south-west tower viewed from the top of the keep.
Looking north inside the Great Hall.
The southern end of the Great Hall.
The gatehouse seen from the basement of the north-west tower.
Looking west along the north wall.

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