Gloucester Cathedral

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Gloucester Cathedral crossing tower, seen from the south-west .
The south porch.
Statues and carvings on the south porch.
Statue of Osric, King of the Hwicce, flanking the east side of the porch door.
Statue of Abbot Serlo, who founded the abbey, flanking the west side of the porch door.
Statues and gargoyles on the south aisle.
Looking north to the south transept and crossing tower.
The crossing tower seen from the south-east.
Looking west along the south side of the cathedral church.
Unusual architectural details.
Looking west along the north side of the church.
The crossing tower from the north-east.
Remains of the abbey buildings.
Arcading was part of the abbey.
These arches are the remains of the abbey hospital.
The vaulted roof of the south porch.
Looking south-east across the cloister.
Window in the cloister.
Corridor in the cloister.
Beautiful fan vaulting in the roof of the cloister.
Looking north-west across the cloister.
Tomb of Thomas and Christian Machen, c 1615.
Vaulted ceiling.
Stained glass window in the south transept.
Tomb of Abbot William Parker, 1539.
The tomb of King Edward II, 1327.
The lead font, which dates from about 1130.
Tomb of Bishop Goldsborough 1604.
Amazing vaulting in the roof of the presbytery.
Ornate carving at the south of the high altar.
Carved screen at the east end of the church.
Looking west along the nave.
Tomb of Abbott Seabroke, 1457.
Tomb of Robert, Duke of Normandy, eldest son of William the Conqueror, 1134.
Vaulted roof.

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