Denbigh Castle

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The main gateway viewed from the north-east
Looking south at the main gateway.
The main gateway seen from the north-west.
The causeway up to the main gatehouse contains a large pit just outside the gate.
Looking at the gatehouse complex from the courtyard.
The Great Kitchen Tower viewed from just outside the main gatehouse.
View inside the gatehouse complex.
The postern tower - the modern wooden bridge spans another deep pit.
The Green Chambers, with a massive section of fallen masonry.
Walls on the west side, between the Great Hall and the Green Chambers.
The gatehouse complex, seen from the Green Chambers.
The Porters Lodge Tower from inside the Great Kitchen Tower.
Various plants beginning to take a hold in one of the towers.
The rubble core of the wall is clearly visible here, where the outer facing is missing.
Remains of the Great Hall and the eastern wall, from the top of the Great Kitchen Tower.
The Green Chambers, seen from atop the walls.
The gatehouse complex from the walls, with the well partly visible in bottom right of photo.
The White Chamber Tower and remains of a turret on the town walls (left).
Remains of the curtain wall at the south-east.
Looking north along the west wall, from the Bishops Tower.
The moat along the southern side of the castle, with the pit in the postern gate in the foreground.
Stairs leading up to the postern tower.
St. Hilary's Chapel tower as seen from the castle.
Looking north at the tower of St. Hilary's chapel.
Adjacent to St. Hilary's Chapel, the ruined wall of a church which Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, started to build in 1579, but which was never completed.
The town walls, and the Exchequer Gate.
The Exchequer Gate seen from within the walled town.
St. Hilary's Chapel tower from the south-west.
The north-west corner.
View from the north-east with the castle gatehouse beyond.
The north side of Leicester's church.
Looking east along the north wall.
The north wall from the doorway.
Eroded statue above the castle gateway.

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