Culross Abbey

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Approaching Culross Abbey from Kirk Street.
Shadow of a roof line and a drainage channel.
Close-up of the drain.
Wall at the south of the cloister showing remains of a vaulted roof.
Barrel-vaulted room.
A passageway leading up to a staircase.
Beautiful rib-vaulted roof in the refectory.
Doorway leading to the cloister.
A fireplace and arched-niche beside the doorway.
Looking west along the south wall of the cloister.
Foundations south of the church.
Looking north-west to the church.
Blind arcading and pillar bases by the south transept.
The ruins next to the south transept of the church.
Pillar bases and niches.
Gateway to the cloister by the south transept.
Culross Abbey Manse seen from the west.
Remains to the south of the manse.
Approaching the abbey church from the west.
The upper portion of the church tower.
The west doorway.
Monument near the west door.
A laver (wash-bowl) south of the door.
Niches by the west door.
The north transept and Bruce Vault seen from the west.
Monument above the door of the Bruce Vault.
And a gravestone with a mason's compasses and hammer.
Monument on the west wall of the north transept.
Remains of an archway at the north of the west tower.
Looking east inside the church.
Vaulted roof of the west tower.
Looking into the north transept.
Stained glass windows.
Stained glass in the east window.
An inscibed stone in the church.
The Bruce Monument in the Bruce Vault.
Detail of the tomb.
Some of the exquisite statues of the Bruce family at the base of the monument.
The figures of George Bruce and his wife.
Signboard showing how the abbey may have appeared.

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