Aberdour Castle #1

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The gateway to the castle was rebuilt in its current position in the late 1800s when the railway was built.
Part of the perimeter wall, south of the driveway .
The ruins of the tower house, seen from the north.
The buildings to the east of the tower date to the 17th century.
View from the north-east.
The east side of the castle seen from the carpark.
Ornate window in the east wall.
Close-up of the inscription.
The distictive beehive dovecot dates to the 16th century.
The castle from the south-east.
A huge piece of fallen masonry at the west of the castle.
Looking east along the south walls.
Looking north in the east range.
Sunken feature in the floor of the east range for brewing ale.
Looking east from the west range.
The massive chunk of fallen masonry was part of the tower house.
Corbelled base of a staircase.
The west range from the south-east side.
The north west corner of the castle.
The tower house from the north-west.
Looking south into the west range.
Gunloop at the base of the tower house.
The west side of the central range.
Looking up inside the staircase.
Remains of a barrel-vaulted chamber.
A huge fireplace with a bread oven inside.
Corridor linking the tower house and central range.
The well in the north courtyard.
The corner of the courtyard.
Inside the later 17th century east range.
Inside the tower.
Fireplace and doorway in the tower.
Looking west in the corridor.
Two fireplaces.
Inside the central range.
The end of the east range from south-west.
The old sundial to the south of the castle.
Later sundial on the wall of the east range.
Painted ceiling in the east range.
Remains of a circular tower.

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