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Basic Brushwork

An introduction to painting materials and techniques.

Painting & Patterns

Specific techniques for painting various stone and metal effects e.g. marble, granite, rust and verdigris.

Treasures & Trinkets

Accessories to bring life to miniatures or scenery models e.g. books, scrolls, candles, treasure piles, goblets and bottles.

Additions & Adornments

Details to enhance model buildings or terrain e.g. icicles, signs, tapestries, spider webs

Flowers & Foliage

Instructions for adding plants to models e.g. ivy, vines, trees and leaves

Monsters & Minis

Home-made monsters and other creatures for role-playing, e.g. gelatinous cube, water elemental, tentacles.

Perfecting Plaster

Techniques to improve the appearance of models made from plaster blocks e.g. dealing with air-bubbles, plastering walls, filling joints

Concept to Completion

Complete overview of a couple of models - an ice-covered pond diorama and a steampunk telescope

Clay Creations

Techniques for making details from polymer clay e.g. pumpkins, sweetcorn, oranges and cabbages

Card Constructions

Instructions and templates for creating sections of a model from card e.g. domes and hipped roofs

Making Moulds

Techniques to make a mould from card, and cast a spire from plaster. Includes a template to download.

Basing Models

Techniques to add interest to model bases including bare earth, ploughed fields and lava flows.

Tailor-made Tools

How to make customised tools for model-making e.g. a free 'scenics applicator' made from an empty plastic milk-bottle

Eggs & Nests

Techniques for a selection of different animal eggs, nests and burrows.


How to make a pile of hay which can be added or removed from a cart.


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